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        Ask anyone going through shoulder pain, and they will confess how tormented they feel. Waking up to shoulder soreness and tingling arms seems almost like a routine for some, and it could very well be their mattress causing it. Does your mattress seem more like a bed of discomfort than a cradle of dreams? Now is the time for the changeover.

        At Turmerry, your comfort is paramount to us. Our latex mattress for shoulder pain is designed to provide a healthy amount of comfort and support, helping prevent your shoulder pain from being exacerbated. Wake up feeling rejuvenated and move on towards a bright day with our premium assortment of the best latex mattresses.

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        Best mattress for shoulder pain

        Redefine Support and Comfort With a Turmerry Latex Mattress

        Latex mattress features durability and comfort

        When it concerns back and shoulder pain, it primarily includes pressure relief. You need to look for something that promises enough cushioning for your shoulder and does not compromise on back support either. Our organic latex mattresses align perfectly with your body contours to maintain shoulder support and healthy spinal alignment.

        Latex is naturally bouncy and firm, making it effortless to roll around on. An eco-friendly option, our all-foam latex mattresses are infused with fire-resistant, moisture-wicking, and temperature-regulating natural New Zealand wool layer(s). All of this is encased in a luxuriously soft organic cotton cover.

        We also offer a hybrid mattress for shoulder pain. It's the ideal medium-firm mattress that balances support through pocketed coils with comfort through Talalay latex.

        At Turmerry, we follow sustainable manufacturing processes through organically sourced materials, which include latex, cotton, and wool, for green living and a healthy planet. This has earned us GOLS, GOTS, eco-INSTITUT, and OEKO-TEX certifications for quality compliance and sustainability.

        Pick from Four Unique Designs

        Turmerry presents four organic latex mattress types - the all-foam, hybrid, egg crate, and RV mattress. Each one is packed with features exclusive to them and promotes a nurturing environment for quality sleep.

        1. Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

        Natural and Organic shoulder pain best mattress

        Turmerry Natural and Organic Latex Mattresses are among the best sustainable mattresses crafted from Dunlop latex foam. High on ergonomics, this shoulder pain mattress offers 5-zone support engineered to provide the perfect amount of firmness and softness for each part of your body.

        You get three firmness options (soft, medium, and firm) along with three thickness choices of 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches. This environmentally friendly, all-foam latex mattress uses Dunlop latex foam, which gives way to a highly durable product compared to the traditional innerspring or memory foam mattresses.

        Moreover, the 12-inch mattress arrives with a fourth layer built of latex foam, which increases the extra cushioning by 2 inches. Engineered specifically for your comfort, the organic latex mattress includes a perforated design for improved airflow that makes your latex bed an air-permeable and comforting surface.

        1. Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Unmatched support physical therapy with hybrid mattress

        The hybrid mattress integrates the features of a foam and spring mattress. Equipped with 2 inches of Talalay latex foam as the cushioning layer and 8 inches of pocketed coils for the support core, the hybrid mattress is a responsive mattress that lends a medium-firm support to your spine. These individually wrapped coils add to the versatility and bounciness of the mattress.

        The medium feel of this best mattress is perfect for back, side snoozers, and combination sleepers. Pocketed coils and Talalay latex are both breathable materials, ensuring that you stay cool all through the night. There is also a sound edge support, with strong coils bolstering the perimeter of the bed.

        1. Egg Crate Mattress

        Egg Crate Mattress for pressure point pain relief

        This all-foam mattress is topped by a unique egg-crate-shaped foam that delivers well-rounded cushioning, redistributes weight to prevent pressure buildup, and also offers relief from bed sores.

        Arriving in three thickness options of 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches, these mattresses are built to suit your sleep preferences and body postures. The Egg Crate mattress is highly sustainable and uses materials that are LGA, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT certified.

        1. Latex RV Mattress

        RV Mattress to alleviate shoulder pain free sleep

        In search of a top-grade mattress that is adaptive for cozy sleep within the enclosed spaces of an RV?  Our latex RV mattress is a great consideration for your search! These all-foam mattresses are constructed with Dunlop latex foam along with a natural New Zealand wool layer and an organic cotton cover. They offer superior edge support, motion isolation, and exceptional durability, and they are perforated for enhanced air circulation.

        Designed specifically for campers, RVs, and motorhomes, the RV mattress boasts RV-friendly sizes like the RV Short Queen, RV Short King, and Full XL. It is available in 8 and 10 inches and has four unique firmness levels to bolster your unique RV travel experience.

        Mattress for Shoulder Pain - Buyer’s Guide

        Best mattress for shoulder pain

        Shoulder pain can surely impact your sleep quality, as it can cause inflammation and flare-ups that lead to sleep disruptions. However, a comfortable sleeping surface that contours the shoulder and supports the upper back and neck helps you to be on the up and up.

        Our buyer’s guide contains useful tips to gain an idea about shoulder discomfort and discover a mattress for shoulder pain that meets your individual needs.

        Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

        Common causes of shoulder pain

        Shoulder pain can be either chronic or acute. Acute pain is usually caused by injury or overuse. A more serious health problem may lead to chronic pain in the shoulder region. The common causes of shoulder pain may include the following injuries and conditions -

        Choosing the Right Mattress for Shoulder Pain

        Picking the best mattresses for shoulder pain includes some key features to factor in. These include -

        Type of Material

        Mattress materials for shoulder pain relief

        Various types of mattress materials offer differing levels of support and comfort. Latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses are usually considered excellent options, delivering a comforting and supportive feel that’s often acknowledged by sufferers of shoulder pain.

        Gel-infused memory foam and memory foam are also suggested for people with shoulder and neck pain due to their body contouring and pressure-relieving abilities. However, the memory foam layer in even the best memory foam mattress is inclined to trap heat and emit VOCs.

        Level of Firmness

        Mattress firmness soft, medium, firm

        The correct firmness level primarily depends on your sleep position and body type. A medium-firm to medium-soft mattress normally works best for sufferers of hip and shoulder pain, offering a mix of cushioning and support.

        Side sleepers may opt for a softer mattress to insulate the sore shoulder and ease the creation of pressure points, while back sleepers may benefit from a slightly firmer mattress for improved spinal alignment.

        A soft mattress is not necessarily the best mattress for sore shoulders. It may not provide the support required for a healthy spinal alignment, which is necessary to alleviate hip and shoulder pain. However, on the flip side, a very firm mattress can cause hip and shoulder pain. You need to find a balance—something in between. A bad mattress lacks pressure relief and causes unnecessary strain for those who experience shoulder pain.

        Temperature Regulation

        Latex and gel infused memory foam for temperature regulation

        Administering some heat to sore muscles is considered beneficial, though it doesn’t imply that the suitable mattress for shoulder pain would be an enormous heating pad. Mattresses for shoulder pain that don’t work well to enable body heat escape can cause overheating and night sweats that disturb the hours of sleep, your body’s main healing time. The best cooling mattress utilizes breathable materials like latex or gel-infused memory foam that can assist you in maintaining a healthy sleep temperature and regulating body heat.

        Support and Pressure Relief

        Mattress for shoulder pain and pressure relief

        The best mattress for shoulder pain relief should give sufficient support to side sleepers to have their spines aligned while also helping to relieve pressure on the shoulders. With the right support features, a softer mattress allows you to sink into the bed while not feeling that the mattress is enclosing you, causing spinal misalignment.

        Pressure relief refers to how the bed transfers your body weight. Uniform weight distribution lowers tension across the body, which is especially useful for shoulder pain sufferers. The ideal shoulder pain mattress offers a comfortable haven to relax joints and muscles while simultaneously offering adequate spine support.

        Aligns With Your Sleeping Position

        Best mattress for sleeping position

        A mattress that upholds your sleep posture will ease tension across the body, which can help you loosen up your shoulders at night.

        Side sleepers with hip and shoulder pain usually do better off on a soft mattress that imparts a lot of body contouring. Back sleepers with hip and shoulder pain should go for a medium-firm to medium-soft mattress. You’ll desire something sufficiently soft to permit some sinkage around the shoulders but adequately firm to hold your lower back in a neutral position.

        Stomach sleepers with hip and shoulder pain should try a firm mattress to ensure proper support. A firm mattress that holds their hips elevated in line with their shoulders could soothe some pressure in the shoulder region, lowering hip or shoulder pain.

        Better Motion Isolation

        Best mattress for motion isolation

        Motion isolation defines a mattress’s capacity to stop movement from traveling across the bed. If you sleep together with a partner, particularly someone who tends to get up often or toss and turn during the night, you’ll desire a restful sleep mattress with superb motion isolation to avoid sleep disturbance.

        Excellent Edge Support

        No sliding off with edge support

        Edge support signifies how much weight the edges of your mattress can manage before its structure deteriorates. Superior edge support permits you to sleep or sit close to the edge without any fear of falling off. If you have a bigger body type or share a bed with a partner, opt for a mattress with superb edge support to be able to use its entire surface.

        Maximum Days For Sleep Trial

        Maximum Days For Sleep Trial

        If you wish to check out a mattress but are unsure about receiving good value, consider a mattress with a sleep trial. A sleep trial denotes a period during which you can examine a new mattress at home to find out if it’s the correct fit for you. You can return the mattress for a complete refund before the end of the sleep trial if it fails to meet your expectations.

        Don't Overlook Customer Reviews and Ratings

        Don't Overlook Customer Reviews and Ratings

        Customer reviews and ratings can offer useful pointers into the actual performance of a mattress. Episodes shared by people who undergo shoulder pain can be especially useful.

        Strong Warranty

        Strong Warranty

        A warranty is the promise of the mattress company to replace or repair your mattress if it has any flaws. Warranties can extend from some years to a lifetime, generally including defects such as sagging, broken coil wires, manufacturing defects, etc.

        Mattress companies that are assured of their products will provide a strong warranty. Make sure to read the fine print to know what is and isn’t included and the process for putting up a claim.

        Generous Return Policy

        Generous Return Policy

        Often linked to sleep trials, return policies set forth the process for returning a mattress. These should spell out the necessary condition of the mattress for a return, any related fees, and the procedure for planning a return.

        A hassle-free return policy on the part of the mattress company assures that you can conveniently return the mattress if it isn’t figured out. It’s particularly essential for online mattress companies that don't let you check the mattress before purchasing.

        Return policy details are usually present on the company’s website or through interaction with customer service. It should be easy to understand, without any hidden fees.

        Understanding the Shipping Terms

        Understanding the Shipping Terms

        Shipping includes the process involved and the cost of procuring the mattress from the storehouse to your house. Many companies provide free shipping, while others include fee charges. It's always better to know the shipping terms, as they can increase your total purchase price.

        What Type of Mattress Is Best for Neck and Shoulder Pain

        best mattress for neck and shoulder pain

        The layers and materials employed in a mattress go a long way toward providing its feel and durable support. Here we outline the four mattress types that are generally used as a sleeping surface and understand the body type and sleeping postures they are ideally suited for.

        Latex Foam Mattress

        Latex foam mattress for shoulder pain

        Latex foam has emerged as an increasingly popular material due to its special qualities of sustainability and elasticity. Being a versatile material, it can adapt to varying sleep preferences, particularly for those with back, neck, and shoulder pain.

        Most latex foam mattresses with Dunlop support plus comfort layers lend a feel of firmness, are springier, and are more responsive compared to memory foam mattresses.

        The composition of both latex types—Dunlop and Talalay latex—makes them less prone to deterioration and sagging. Both of these latex types are said to be exceptionally durable when contrasted with different mattress materials.

        Latex mattresses are a perfect eco-friendly option as they have a minimal environmental footprint. Similar to memory foam, latex foam also contours to the body to release stress on pressure points and offer elevated support for the head and body in general. Their buoyancy helps to maintain a good sleeping posture for the body and offers pressure relief from neck and shoulder pain.

        Memory Foam Mattress

        Latex foam mattress for shoulder pain

        Memory foam mattresses are great at alleviating pain because they embrace the body contours very well. Memory foam is highly responsive to pressure, so you remain cushioned all through the night.

        However, memory foam layers face sinkage and compression problems whenever pressure is applied, which makes it difficult for some to move all over the mattress or get in or out of bed. In addition, it tends to retain heat, which causes discomfort for sleepers. Some memory foam mattresses may emit VOCs when unpacked due to the use of chemicals in their production process.

        Hybrid Mattress

        Hybrid mattress for shoulder pain

        Hybrid mattresses, due to their plushness and bounce, not only support and cushion your shoulder but also prevent you from sinking deeply into the bed. A hybrid mattress contains 2 to 3 inches of comfort layer, generally composed of latex or memory foam, and a spring system.

        Several superior-quality hybrids include pocketed spring coils for extra comfort, support, and precise contouring. This fusion provides the pressure relief advantage of foam and the buoyancy and responsiveness of spring coils.

        Innerspring Mattress

        Innerspring Mattress for sleep quality

        Innerspring mattresses have been a traditional choice for many sleepers. The innerspring design retains less heat due to the vacant space between the spring coils. Besides, they are also affordable and versatile.

        However, due to their thin comfort layers, these mattresses have a tendency to develop pressure points near the shoulder and hips, causing discomfort. In addition, they are likely to be less durable and resilient because coil springs are liable to break or buckle quickly. When broken and loose springs stick up, they cause pain and tension in the sensitive parts of the body. Those with back and shoulder pain should opt for a hybrid or a high-grade foam mattress in place of an innerspring mattress.

        Mattress for Shoulder Pain FAQs

        1. What firmness of mattress is best for shoulder pain?

        The correct level of mattress firmness depends on your sleeping positions and body type. A medium-soft to medium-firm mattress generally works well for those affected by shoulder pain, thereby offering a balance of cushioning and support.

        Mattress firmness varies from one individual to another, as what works best for one may not serve another. Side sleepers may like a softer, plush mattress to cushion the shoulder stiffness and relax their pressure point, while back and stomach sleepers may feel better on a firmer mattress. However, a very firm mattress can cause shoulder and hip pain.

        1. How do I know if my mattress is causing my shoulder pain?

        Your mattress may be excessively firm, overtly soft, old, or unresponsive, thus leading to shoulder pain. A mattress that offers sufficient pressure relief and spine support can be effective in easing shoulder discomfort and soreness.

        Watch out for these signs to know whether your best mattress is causing hip and shoulder pain:

        • You are finding it difficult to experience comfort during the night.

        • You wake up, toss, and flip sides many times during the night.

        • You feel exhausted and experience pain when you wake up.

        • Your mattress is 7 to 10 years old.

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