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      Are you experiencing a feeling of heat buildup in the upper body or disruptions in stomach acid when sleeping? If yes, you may be on the verge of acid reflux symptoms. The result? Restless nights, a search for relief through various sleep positions, and a search for the best mattress for acid reflux.

      Fortunately, you're in the right place! At Turmerry, we've got the ideal collection of adjustable base beds and organic latex mattresses to deal with these sleep disturbances caused by acid reflux. Find out why you'll love Turmerry mattresses and bases below!

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      Mattress for Acid Reflux

      Turmerry's Top-Tier Mattresses for Acid Reflux

      Discover the exceptional benefits of our Turmerry line of organic latex mattresses. With a superior support core and substantial pressure relief, our mattresses ensure your investment is recognized and reciprocated!

      1. Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

      Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

      The Turmerry Natural and Organic Latex Mattress is crafted from eco-friendly materials sourced directly from nature, ensuring sustainability and safety. Featuring Dunlop latex foam layers, a moisture-wicking New Zealand wool layer, and an organic cotton cover, you won't find a mattress that offers a more refreshing and comfortable sleep environment!

      Through a 5-zone support design, elevated cushioning, perfect body contouring, motion isolation, edge support, and perforated breathability, the GOLS-certified organic latex foam establishes itself as the core material in this mattress. The New Zealand wool layer adds moisture wicking, temperature regulation, and fire retardancy. Topping it all off, we have a luxuriously soft organic cotton cover.

      These mattresses come in many sizes, firmness levels, and thickness options. Our latex mattresses are also compatible with adjustable frames and can help acid reflux sufferers, as they can rest in an elevated position to relieve symptoms.

      2. Latex Hybrid Mattress

      Latex Hybrid Mattress

      A high-quality mattress that offers you the perfect fusion between an all-foam and spring mattress—this Latex Hybrid Mattress incorporates 2 inches of Talalay latex foam as the cushioning layer with wrapped pocketed coils measuring 8 inches as the support core. It offers a comfortable, medium-firm feel and is designed to cradle your spine.

      Talalay latex, with its open cell structure, offers the best ventilating comfort, cushioning, and responsiveness. You get an improved microclimate in bed with this mattress. It is also compatible with an adjustable base bed, giving you the option of head elevation and preventing acid reflux.

      Additionally, this mattress has great motion isolation properties and provides better edge support with reinforced Quantum® coil side rail edges and Caliber® steel springs. These arrive in an array of sizes, including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

      3. Latex Egg Crate Mattress

      Latex Egg Crate Mattress

      The Turmerry Latex Egg Crate Mattress is all-foam and comes with a top layer that has a peak and valley design, similar to an egg carton. This design helps distribute your body weight evenly across the surface, offers pressure relief, improves bed sore relief, and further enhances your sleep experience.

      Our Egg Crate Mattress comprises three or four layers of Dunlop latex and is available in three thickness options: 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. You can also select from four different firmness levels.

      4. Latex RV Mattress

      Latex RV Mattress

      Your mattress upgrade is a must if you are a frequent traveler, driving long hours in an RV from one spot to another. Our top-of-the-line Latex RV mattress compensates for the heavy weight and large size of a conventionally designed home mattress.

      It is made from highly responsive Dunlop foam layers and is available in RV-friendly sizes, such as Full XL, RV Short Queen, and RV Short King. You can also choose from four unique firmness and two unique thickness options to optimize the mattress to your preferences.

      Smart Adjustable Base Beds from Turmerry with Inbuilt Features

      The Quest series of adjustable beds from Turmerry includes standout features such as modifying the sleeping positions to help with your health needs and sleeping choices.

      Quest 1.0 Adjustable Base Bed

      Quest 1.0 Adjustable Base Bed

      A budget-friendly model, the Quest 1.0 is a versatile bed frame for an existing bed platform. Equipped with silent drive motors and a wired remote for seamless adjustments, this bed is high on ergonomics.

      To start off, there is the standard head articulation feature, which helps alleviate pressure points and acid reflux symptoms. Its ultra-slim 1-inch profile makes it fit stealthily between the base and the mattress. Not to mention, it's also available with 12" stackable legs for multiple height preferences.

      The soundless ergomotion motors allow you to read, lounge, or sleep unperturbed. With its head and foot motors, our adjustable bed also permits a slow gravity release to return to its flat position, which soothes the pinch points.

      Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base Bed

      Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base Bed

      The Quest 2.0 adjustable base bed goes a notch higher by including foot articulation to your comfort list, along with a slimmer 2-inch profile. It offers a sufficient degree of customization and works with any mattress.

      The Quest 2.0 Base Bed integrates with an ergomotion remote that has both wired and wireless configurations. It also offers advanced lumbar support and, through its head and foot articulation, helps to relieve nighttime acid reflux issues.

      Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed

      Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed

      The Quest 2.5 version incorporates luxury features like programmable presets, dual USB ports, below-the-bed lighting, customized alignment, and the voice-stimulated Hello Ergo System. This adjustable bed is also compatible with the King and Queen mattresses and works very well to deliver comfort from acid reflux at night.

      What Buyers Should Know about Mattress for Acid Reflux?

      Acid reflux patient on a bed

      Acid reflux, also termed Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), is a digestive disorder that impacts innumerable people. Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) fails to close properly, permitting food and stomach acid to gush up into the esophagus. Besides, acid reflux causes discomfort and heartburn and even harms the esophageal lining.

      Frequent nighttime acid reflux can result in sleep disturbances. You can lower nighttime acid reflux by altering your sleep position. It's believed that sleeping elevated on your left side can reduce acid reflux symptoms.

      Acid Reflux Symptoms

      Acid Reflux Symptoms

      Acid reflux symptoms can differ from person to person, but popular GERD symptoms include:

      • Chest pain

      • Heartburn

      • Difficulty swallowing

      • Regurgitation

      • Chronic cough

      • Sore throat

      The right mattress to reduce acid reflux contours nicely to your body shape and provides pressure point support. This offers support to the hips, shoulders, and back, which alleviates pain felt in these places by some people. Thus, by cushioning the hips and shoulders and facilitating healthy spinal alignment, these mattresses contribute to relieving acid reflux symptoms.

      People with acid reflux should pick a mattress that makes side sleeping comfortable and supports an adjustable bed frame.

      Types of Mattresses for Acid Reflux

      A comfortable mattress enables you to sleep better. The ideal mattress for acid reflux contours nicely to your body shape, so you can sleep on your side. The following are different types of mattresses to consider for acid reflux:

      Latex Mattress

      Latex Mattress to prevent acid reflux

      Latex mattresses deliver a special feel for side sleepers who favor moderate contouring with greater responsive bounce compared to foam beds. This mattress type is fairly durable and is usually compatible with adjustable bed frames.

      Latex mattresses are made wholly from natural or synthetic latex rubber, or a combination of the two. Talalay latex usually builds a lighter and softer mattress, whereas Dunlop latex tends to be more durable and firmer.

      Latex mattresses tend to lie between innerspring and memory foam mattresses on the mattress firmness scale. Many latex mattresses comprise medium-firm beds ideal for side, back, and combination sleepers. They are a strong option for those who are unable to sleep on their left side.

      Moreover, latex mattresses offer a solid support core, are naturally resilient, and allow excellent airflow. When people with acid reflux sleep on a latex mattress in a raised position, it can relieve GERD symptoms.

      Memory Foam Mattress

      Memory foam Mattress

      Memory foam mattresses are also an alternative for people with acid reflux. They are softer, contouring to the body’s curves and cushioning pressure points. These mattresses can include multiple layers and kinds of foam, like gel-infused memory foam and copper-infused memory foam. Zoned memory foam, with its specific targeting of body areas, can benefit side and stomach sleepers.

      Though these mattresses tend to provide less support than hybrid or innerspring models, their flexibility makes them suitable for use with adjustable bed frames.

      The main problem with the memory foam layer is that it retains heat, so if you discover yourself sweating on your present mattress, you may not like a memory foam option unless it contains gel-infused foam. Some of them may also emit VOCs during unpacking due to the use of chemicals in their manufacturing process.

      Hybrid Mattress

      Hybrid Mattress

      A hybrid mattress blends a pocketed coil support core with comfort layers built of memory foam, latex, polyfoam, micro-coil, or a mix of all.

      Hybrid mattresses for acid reflux relief include a top comfort layer built to reduce pressure in regions like the shoulders and hips. They’re usually compatible with adjustable bed frames and contain thick comfort layers that offer substantial pressure relief for side sleeping.

      Perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers, hybrids generally offer greater contouring and pressure point relief than innerspring mattresses while offering more support than the general all-foam mattress. They also tend to sleep cool due to the pocketed coil system that disperses body heat.

      Egg Crate Mattress

      Egg Crate Mattress

      An egg crate mattress is a kind of all-foam mattress recognized for its specific ‘egg crate’ design consisting of rolling bumps and dips. It resembles an egg carton and offers enhanced pressure relief, bed sore relief, and body weight distribution over a regular mattress surface. Its design also facilitates air circulation and decreases heat retention. Egg crate mattresses are often made using materials like latex, memory foam, and polyfoam. This makes them compatible with adjustable bed frames.

      Innerspring Mattress

      Innerspring Mattress

      Innerspring mattresses might not be the ideal choice for acid reflux sufferers due to their non-compliance with adjustable bases and lack of cushioning for side sleepers. Conventional innersprings contain a thick layer of interconnected wire coils covered with fabric or padding. These mattresses are among the cheapest, traditional mattress types.

      Airbed Mattress

      Airbed Mattress

      Contrary to foam, latex, or coils, an airbed’s support core includes multiple air-filled chambers, which may be inflated or deflated as per the sleeper’s desire using a built-in pump. These wholly adjustable mattresses may also include materials such as latex or foam.

      Airbeds permit users to personalize their sleep experience, but they aren't recommended for long-term use as they don't offer as much support as regular mattress types.

      How Do You Choose the Best Mattress for Acid Reflux?

      By prioritizing the below-specified aspects, you can bag the best deal.

      Quality Materials

      Quality Materials

      Mattresses crafted with quality materials like natural latex, certified memory foam, and steel pocketed coils perform better, are more durable, and there are fewer chances of replacement before their warranty expires.



      Finding a mattress that fits your budget level ensures you find one that meets your financial needs without sacrificing quality or comfort.

      Firmness Level

      Firmness Level

      Mattress firmness is among the main features to consider during mattress shopping. Different firmness levels are suitable for specific body types. Firmer mattresses usually offer greater support, whereas softer models provide increased contouring.

      Edge Support

      Powerful Edge Support

      Mattresses with a reinforced perimeter provide more edge support and a greater usable sleeping area. Strong edge support also stops sleepers from sliding off the bed edge.

      Pressure Relief

      Pressure Relief

      Soft, contouring mattresses generally offer the greatest pressure relief. The best mattress to treat acid reflux and back pain offers targeted cushioning at the shoulders and hips while also upholding improved spinal alignment.

      Body Contouring

      Body Contouring

      This pertains to a mattress's body-conforming attributes. The proper amount of contouring cradles pressure points and avoids descending into the firmer support layer of the mattress.

      Ease of Movement

      Ease of Movement

      Mattresses with greater bounce can boost mobility, allowing you to move around comfortably without feeling "stuck."

      Temperature Regulation

      Temperature Regulation

      People who tend to sleep hot look for breathable mattresses, which dissipate heat better. Numerous mattresses also utilize unique infused foam, such as gel or copper, to generate a cooler sleeping surface.

      Side Sleeping

      Side Sleeping

      An ideal mattress for acid reflux and indigestion should permit you to sleep on your side. This relaxes your lower esophageal sphincter and makes it easier for stomach acid to access the esophageal lining.

      Choosing the Best Adjustable Bed for Acid Reflux

      Adjustable beds are the perfect mix of convenience and adaptability that lets you pick the most comfortable sleeping position.

      Lying on regular beds lends you a flat surface with unfavorable gravity that can cause an upward movement of stomach acids into the esophagus. On the contrary, an adjustable bed enables you to raise the backrest to elevate your head a, which permits gravity to stop acid from gushing back up.

      Best Adjustable Bed For Stomach Acid Reflux

      The main factors to consider while choosing an adjustable bed for your acid reflux relief are:

      • Optimum angle: Raising the head of your bed to almost 30 degrees is found to be helpful for acid reflux.

      • Comfort: Adjustable beds should be comfortable to ensure you have a restful sleep.

      • Durability: Choose adjustable beds built from high-quality materials for resilience and a long lifespan.

      Mattress for Acid Reflux FAQs

      1. How can I sleep comfortably with acid reflux?

      Frequent acid reflux disturbs sleep quality and causes various sleep-related problems like restless legs syndrome, sleep apnea, and chronic insomnia. Your sleeping posture can also cause acid reflux and other kinds of discomfort.

      Sleeping on your back (without elevation) is considered to be the least preferred position for acid reflux. Back sleeping allows stomach acid to easily move from the stomach into the esophagus, where it might stay for prolonged periods, possibly causing harm to the esophageal lining.

      Side sleeping is a favored position for people with acid reflux, as it supports spinal alignment and aids in alleviating acid reflux symptoms. Sleeping on your left side is usually recommended, as it places the stomach right under the esophagus, making it more difficult for acid to travel upward.

      Stomach sleepers could face GERD and acid reflux problems. This position permits stomach acid to flow freely up the esophagus without any need for gravity.

      2. Can a bad mattress cause acid reflux?

      A bad mattress can aggravate acid reflux symptoms. Various types of mattresses can be beneficial, as acid reflux sufferers are advised to rest on their sides. Side sleepers benefit from a mattress that delivers additional cushioning at pressure points like the shoulders and the hips. Sleeping on the left side causes gravity to work in your favor as your stomach is now positioned below your esophagus, keeping you free from nighttime acid reflux.

      3. How do you elevate the head of the bed for gastroesophageal reflux disease?

      The suggested height of elevation of the bed head is approximately 6–8 inches (15–20 centimeters). Some people tend to slide down from their normal pillows. A wedge pillow can be helpful; besides, it also simulates a raised bed effect. Resting on a wedge pillow of at least 6–10 inches thick on one side can be the perfect pillow for acid reflux sufferers.