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        Do you experience difficulty moving your hips or legs during sleep or feel shooting pain while changing postures? Then you definitely need a mattress with proper features that can alleviate the pain while you sleep. Here we are to help you find the best mattress for hip pain.

        At Turmerry, we have the best mattresses that provide support and pressure relief for those experiencing hip pain. Our latex, hybrid, and egg crate mattresses are premium products designed to offer the utmost comfort while you slumber. Wake up to a day without discomfort and stick around to discover why Turmerry mattresses stand out as the optimal choice for achieving a good night's rest.

        Latex Mattress


        Dual Side Latex Flippable Mattress


        Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress


        Egg Crate Mattress


        Balance Comfort With Support on a Turmerry Latex Mattress

        At Turmerry, we pack multiple features into our latex mattresses that relieve your pressure points and offer enhanced body comfort. These mattresses, with their dense comfort layers composed of latex, contour uniformly across your body. Our latex mattresses incorporate organic components in their construction, such as organic latex foam, organic cotton, and natural wool, for a breathable, responsive sleeping experience.

        You can pick from various thickness and firmness options, which can be adjusted and customized to suit your preferences. Whatever your sleeping style may be, simply rotate the layers to achieve the best firmness for a restorative sleep.

        1. Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress

        Turmerry Natural Latex Mattress

        Latex works as a natural foam, and Turmerry’s Natural and Organic Latex Mattress encompasses three (or four) layers of latex with varying firmness levels, which balance comfort and support. Built from Dunlop latex, these mattresses offer a softer, springy feel and are high on durability. A trait that is loved by sleepers is the responsiveness of a mattress, which allows for seamless switching of sleeping positions. And responsiveness is exactly what you get when you recline on the Turmerry mattress, as it offers easy mobility and bounciness. 

        In addition, natural latex contains cooling properties and superior breathability, which makes it one of the best sleeping options. Our all-foam organic mattress offers a firmer feel, evenly distributes body weight, and creates pressure contours close to the body shape. This helps to alleviate the pressure points and makes it a better option as a mattress for hip pain and healthy spinal alignment.

        1. Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress

        Turmerry Latex Hybrid Mattress

        The Turmerry Latex Hybrid mattress model is designed with Talalay latex as a comfort layer over a support core of pocketed coils. These pocketed coils offer a solid base, isolating motion and providing individual support.

        This mattress combines the goodness of a Talalay latex comfort layer, an organic cotton cover, and a wool layer, along with an exclusively designed spring system for lowering pressure on the back and hips. Its medium firmness level works perfectly for many users who prefer the responsive and elevated support of the coil system. It helps to deliver additional relaxation to susceptible pressure points throughout the body and aligns the spine neutrally to relieve lower back and hip tension.

        The hybrid mattress also offers you remarkable edge support through its reinforced coil perimeter and is highly breathable. You get a buoyant feeling offered by the top layer of Talalay latex that softly cradles the pressure points of the body to mitigate discomfort.

        1. Turmerry Egg Crate Mattress

        Turmerry Egg Crate Mattress

        The main purpose of our Egg Crate Mattress is to offer enhanced pressure relief through the egg-crate-shaped latex foam top layer. Moreover, its responsive egg-crate construction uniformly transfers your weight and reacts swiftly to your body movements to assuage the pressure points. You get more restorative sleep than what a regular mattress offers.

        Unlike memory foam, which tends to retain body heat, the latex egg crate mattress creates a cooling surface, is more breathable, and is resilient with its Dunlop latex foam.

        At Turmerry, meticulous attention is given to details during product construction. Our latex products are marked by durability, longevity, and comfort. You can expect at least 15 years of deep sleep with our egg crate mattress.

        1. Turmerry RV Mattress

        Turmerry RV Mattress

        Our Natural and Organic Latex RV mattress comprises Dunlop latex foam layers and is eco-friendly with perfect edge support. This quality mattress is available in customizable sizes to accommodate the varying space requirements of a recreational vehicle.

        Best Mattress for Hip Pain - Buyer’s Guide

        Strike the best deal with our all-inclusive Buyer’s Guide, where we scout you through the crucial points to bear in mind while selecting the best mattresses for hip pain. From knowing the common causes of hip pain to exploring the versatile types of mattresses for hip pain, we have it all compiled for you.

        Know The Causes Of Hip Pain

        Common Causes of Hip Pain

        Hip pain refers to any pain within or surrounding the hip joint. It can also be that you are not experiencing pain directly in the hip region. You may experience it in your thigh, groin, or knee.

        Hip pain is a common condition, and it is not easy to pinpoint one single cause. It can be triggered by anything from arthritis to sports-related. However, some of the underlying factors causing hip pain are the following:

        • Problems involving the cartilage or bones of your hip

        • Hip fractures

        • Arthritis - generally felt in the front portion of the thigh or groin 

        • Bone or joint infection

        • Labral hip tear

        • Unusual growth surrounding the hip - an early sign of arthritis

        • Bursitis, which is a painful inflammation in a fluid sac referred to as a bursa

        • Hip dislocations

        Best Mattresses for Hip Pain - Highlights and Comparisons

        The mattress type you rest on affects the cushioning, body support, and comfort you receive. Consequently, some mattresses perform better compared to others for hip discomfort due to their structural arrangement. Here’s how the best type of mattress for hip pain stands out in performance and helps to relieve pressure -

        1. Latex Mattresses

        Latex Mattresses

        Natural latex mattresses contain plenty of benefits, including responsiveness, breathability, durability, and eco-friendliness. Additionally, they offer optimum support to a sleeper without being too stiff.

        Latex mattresses are supposed to be firmer than different foam mattresses due to the sturdy nature of rubber. These mattresses are available in different firmness levels to fit all sleepers and their favored sleeping positions.

        Latex foam’s softness also depends on its processing method. Talalay processed latex foams are often softer than their Dunlop variants, but overall Dunlop latex (which is firmer) works better in terms of providing support.

        Latex mattresses are more expensive than other mattress types due to their durability and the countless benefits they offer.

        1. Hybrid Mattresses

        Hybrid Mattresses

        Hybrid mattresses contain a supportive internal core made of steel coils and a comfort layer composed of different materials, including polyfoam, memory foam, wool, latex, and cotton. These mattresses are popular for their excellent balance between comfort and support, based on the material used.

        Hybrid mattresses are suitable for motion isolation and moderating temperature, thereby improving sleep quality. The comfort layers are also ideal for cushioning and pressure relief for delicate joints, like the hip, shoulders, and back.

        Hybrid mattresses fit various sleeping positions and sleepers of different body weights.

        1. Memory Foam Mattresses

        Memory Foam Mattresses

        The best memory foam mattress supports body contouring and delivers pressure relief to a sleeper. Moreover, they usually feel softer than other material types, despite arriving at various firmness levels.

        Pick a mattress for your hips that has all-inclusive firmness and the correct balance to stop your hips from sinking in. A high-density and high-quality foam will also assure that the mattress is durable and can manage greater body weights. Memory foam layers in beds uniformly spread your body weight throughout the bed to prevent pain accumulation in the pressure or tender points, though they tend to retain heat and off-gas toxic chemicals. 

        1. Innerspring Mattresses

        Innerspring Mattresses

        An innerspring mattress is extremely supportive, bouncy, and usually more firm. These beds are the conventional style that numerous sleepers are used to. Although they are common, innerspring mattresses generally do not deliver sufficient pressure relief or comfort for a sleeper with hip pain. Though, when topped with a foam mattress topper, you may obtain a nice balance of contouring comfort and support.

        1. Egg Crate Mattresses

        Egg Crate Mattresses

        Unpack the comfort and cushioning features of an Egg Crate Mattress with its unique design of uneven bumps and troughs similar to an egg carton, which helps to promote airflow and offers a comfy sleep surface. This design makes it a preferred alternative to regular mattresses.

        Though conventional mattresses provide all-round support and comfort, the switch to an egg crate mattress can, to a great extent, improve sleep quality for different users. They hold therapeutic properties, are prevalent in healthcare settings, and offer a cost-effective option to elevate the comfort level. Moreover, their cushioning feature helps to diminish pressure for a blissful sleep.

        1. Air Mattresses

        Air Mattresses

        Air mattresses comprise modifiable air chambers that permit you to customize your bed firmness. However, they’re not a great option for permanent use, like other types of mattresses. They’re best used in a temporary setting, like guest rooms, or while traveling.

        What To Consider When Buying the Best Mattress for Hip Pain

        Purchasing the best mattress for hip pain is simpler if you know the features to look for. These are some of the key factors to consider when purchasing the best mattress online or offline -

        Body Support

        Body Support for stomach sleepers

        The support feature of a mattress ensures correct spinal alignment during sleep. This is particularly important for sleepers with hip pain, irrespective of their sleep position. The support of a mattress depends on features such as density, midsection structure, firmness, and the materials used.

        Furthermore, a supportive mattress carries a good balance between firmness and plushness. This prevents it from feeling too soft or too hard, which would otherwise disturb the normal spinal alignment.

        Body Contouring

        Body Contouring for pressure relief

        A body-contouring mattress hugs the sleeper’s body shape and is closely linked to the firmness of the mattress and its materials. Nevertheless, a sleeper’s weight also decides how far they’ll dig into a mattress.

        For instance, a heavier sleeper will plunge farther into a soft, body-contouring mattress in contrast to a lighter sleeper. Digging deeper into the mattress may lead to poor spinal alignment.

        Pressure Relief

        Pressure Relief

        The muscles and pressure points near the hip require cushioning to assist in pressure relief. A mattress that appears too firm or doesn’t contain a soft cushioning layer is often not effective for pressure relief.

        Likewise, a mattress that cradles and conforms to the sleeper’s body but seems too soft may not have enough support. Due to this, you require a mattress with a healthy balance between cushioning and support to achieve both neutral spinal alignment and pressure relief.

        Firmness Levels

        Firmness Levels

        Mattress firmness defines how hard or soft a mattress feels. For instance, sleepers with hip pain usually require soft, nurturing mattresses with superior support to bolster their pressure points. Nevertheless, their body weight finally defines the most comfortable firmness level.

        Average-weight sleepers are generally satisfied with soft to medium-firm mattresses, whereas heavier sleepers favor medium-firm to firm mattresses. But firmer mattresses may not cater to all of the bulkier sleepers. Such sleepers utilize a few bed accessories, like pillows and mattress toppers, to enhance support and cushioning.

        Sleep Trial

        Sleep Trial

        A sleep trial denotes the time a mattress manufacturer gives the consumer to check out a new mattress before judging whether it fits them or not. If you require adequate time to decide, select a mattress that grants an extended sleep trial duration.

        Temperature Control

        Temperature Control

        You may wish to escape the heat-capturing memory foam mattresses and select copper or gel-infused foams instead for the cooling impact. Alternatively, you can opt for an all-natural, breathable latex mattress that is popular for its cooling properties and various other sleep advantages.

        Return Policy

        Return Policy

        If you notice that the mattress doesn’t offer pressure relief for hip pain, you’ll need to contact the seller for a return or an exchange. This is always governed by the terms and conditions of the mattress's return policy. You need to select a vendor that offers a beneficial return policy.


        Can a Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

        Certainly, a mattress can cause hip pain in the following ways:

        • Absence of Support: A worn-out or sagging mattress may not offer adequate support. This can result in misalignment of your hips and spine, which could lead to pain. A supportive mattress uses superior-quality materials like memory foam or latex for pressure relief and ideal support.

        • Incorrect Firmness Level: A mattress that is too firm or too soft for your unique needs can create painful pressure points, resulting in hip discomfort.

        • Old Age: Mattresses usually carry a lifespan of 7–10 years. An overused mattress may lose its ability to offer pressure relief and sufficient support, contributing to hip pain.
          Look for a replacement if you’re experiencing hip pain and your mattress is uncomfortable or old.

        Is My Mattress Causing Hip Pain?

        A medium-firm mattress offers an ideal balance for hip pain relief. An extremely soft mattress may lead to misalignment, while an excessively firm one can develop painful pressure points. Nonetheless, your body weight, personal preferences, and sleeping position can affect the best choice.

        Is Memory Foam Good for Hip Pain?

        If you’re grappling with hip pain, it might surprise you to know that your memory foam mattress could be responsible. Memory foam can be good for some due to its body contouring properties and for making less noise.

        But a memory foam mattress that is either very firm or too soft can cause hip pain. If firm, then there will be greater pressure on these sensitive regions, whereas a softer memory foam mattress may be less supportive and could induce poor posture, causing hip discomfort or, in some cases, lower back issues.

        Does a Too Firm Mattress Cause Hip Pain?

        It is vital for your hip joints to get the right amount of comfort and cushioning while sleeping. If you don’t sink sufficiently into a mattress, then there will be greater pressure on these responsive areas compared to a softer mattress. A very firm mattress can cause discomfort and hip pain.

        Hip pain may often be brought on by a new mattress that you are sleeping on. This is because the mattress hasn’t yet accustomed itself to how much weight or physical pressure is placed on it during sleep.

        Is a Soft or Firm Mattress Better for Hip Pain?

        A firm mattress is ideal for hip discomfort because it restricts pressure points from sinking, which generates additional pressure on the hips and spine. Choosing an excessively firm mattress can cause hip pain if you're a side sleeper. A firm surface develops painful pressure points, which are tender points on your hips that can cause discomfort. What you need is a mattress that provides cushioning without causing you to sink.

        For many, this implies a medium-firm mattress, which suits a large number of people with hip discomfort or pain as well as normal sleepers. The level of firmness provided by these medium-firm mattresses offers the same level of convenience for stomach and back sleepers as well as side sleepers.

        Although a medium-firm mattress accommodates many sleepers with hip pain, the firmness of a mattress corresponds to body weight.

        Moreover, the composition of the mattress also plays an important role in hip pain. Latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses offer an ideal comfort layer for hip discomfort compared to innerspring or air mattresses. In hybrid mattresses, pocket springs as the support layer are ideal due to their regular support and individual response to movement.

        A soft mattress can suit a side sleeper because it will relieve pressure, improve spinal alignment, and cushion their hips better for relaxing tight muscles.

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