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            Staying wrapped up in your full size bed during winters is a different emotion altogether, and a queen size comforter can make that experience even better. If you're on the lookout for a new queen size comforter this winter, you've landed in the perfect spot.

            At Turmerry, we've got an impressive collection of natural and organic full size comforter sets. Not only do they add style and keep you warm, but they also provide a host of additional perks like breathability, a subtle lanolin scent, and a non-itchy, healthy rest, just to name a few features!

            Organic Merino Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter


            Made in USA Lightweight Natural Wool Comforter



            • Turmerry's queen size comforters revolutionize sleep with eco-friendly and premium materials, ensuring a restful night's sleep.
            • Choose from four distinct options - Organic Merino Wool Comforter, Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter, Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter, and Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter.
            • Experience the unbeatable combination of exquisite comfort, breathability, and snug feel with Turmerry's queen comforters.
            • Enjoy free shipping, hassle-free returns, and exceptional customer service, guaranteeing a seamless journey from order to delivery.
            • Consider factors like fill material, fill weight, outer fabric and comforter construction before buying the comforter.
            Turmerry Full Comforters - Natural and Organic Wool

            Choose from Four Unique Organic Comforter Sets

            At Turmerry, our dedication to your well-being goes beyond just providing comfort. We have a collection of queen comforter sets that are natural and organic, helping our customers incorporate a sustainable choice for conscientious living. Our comforters provide a nature-like feel and help drift you into peaceful sleep.

            1. Organic Merino Wool Comforter

            Organic Merino Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's queen size Organic Merino Wool Comforter is crafted from the finest organic Merino wool. These medium-weight all-season comforters enhance the sleep experience ten folds. The wool comes encased in an organic cotton sateen 400 TC cover, quilted in patterns to prevent the fill from shifting and ensure an evenly distributed batting.

            The remarkable properties of Merino wool provides not only impressive warmth but also impressive moisture-wicking capabilities. This combination facilitates the regulation of body temperature, ensuring a cozy sleep environment year-round. Whether it's the heat of summer or the chill of winter, our comforters create a perfect balance, keeping you cool in warmer weather and providing insulation during the cold weather.

            2. Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's queen size Made in USA Heavy Weight Natural Wool Comforter is finely crafted with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool® to provide you with a feel of warm hug. Our comforters are made medium-fine wool blend which is known for its optimal loft and offer unmatched softness and suppleness. They are encased in an organic cotton sateen cover, which is hand-tufted and stitched around the perimeter to ensure that the batting stays in place, providing a seamless sleep experience.

            This heavy-weight comforter provides extra warmth and is suitable for regions with a cold climate or people whose body temperature runs a little low. This comforter is also the one for you if you tend to sleep with a lot of sheets and blankets.

            3. Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's queen size Made in USA Medium Weight Natural Wool Comforter is designed to offer comfort and coziness. Filled with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool®, these comforters provide warmth as well as breathability, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment. Encased in an organic cotton sateen cover, our comforters undergo hand-tufting and stitching around the perimeter, securing the wool batting in place.

            This medium-weight comforter is perfect for regions with a milder climate or people who prefer a comfortable layer without wanting too much warmth. Whether your priority is staying cozy or you seek a combination of comfort and practicality, our medium-weight comforter has you taken care of. It assures a restful night's sleep, leaving you refreshed and prepared for the day ahead.

            4. Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter

            Turmerry's queen size Made in USA Light Weight Natural Wool Comforter is designed to provide optimal comfort and a snuggly feel. Just like the heavy and medium-weight comforters, this one is also filled with Woolgatherers' trademarked Eco Wool® and provides a perfect balance of insulation and breathability, ensuring a cozy sleeping environment. The wool batting is secured in place by the organic cotton sateen cover, which is hand-tufted and stitched around the perimeter.

            This light-weight comforter is perfect for warmer regions and for warm sleepers. It is also an optimal choice for people who like to sleep with sheets all year round.

            You Can't Go Wrong with a Turmerry Queen Comforters

            Our comforter sets not only feel like a warm hug but also have a whole lot of other benefits. Here are all the ways in which you can enjoy a truly comfortable sleep with us and our bedding: -

            Certified, Green, and Safe Comforters

            To make sure you get a healthy night's sleep, we use sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as OEKO-TEX-certified organic cotton, Woolmark-certified wool, and GOLS-certified organic materials in our comforter sets. These certifications ensure that our mattress pads are free from harmful levels of chemicals often found in conventional bedding. Moreover, we also practice cruelty free shearing and wool processing. It also bolsters the quality of the products as well as their durability, so what you're getting is the best of the best!

            OEKOTEX Woolmark and GOLS logos for queen size comforters

            Keeps You Warm & Cool


            Our comforter sets are made of wool yarns produced from the Californian Vintage carding machines that helps trap still air, giving it insulating characteristics to regulate your body temperature, ensuring a comfortable and cozy sleep environment. This helps in keeping the heat in when it's cold outside and helps keep the heat out when the temperature rises.

            Healthy & Non-itchy Sleep

            Clean wool

            Our extra clean wool, free of any pesticides or chemicals, is naturally less susceptible to dust mites, mold, mildew, and moisture. Our wool also has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties, which ensures a healthy sleep. Moreover, we never use any bleaching or carbonizing practices which ensures a non-itchy sleep.

            Organic Cotton Casing

            Organic Cotton Casing

            We use finest organic cotton sateen and canvas fabric for the comforter casing. This sateen is naturally lustrous and soft, and our canvas is lightweight and durable, it's also un-dyed and never bleached. No harmful chemicals are involved at any stage of the process – planting, growing, harvesting, and processing are all handled in accordance with organic protocols.

            Lanolin Scent


            Wool naturally has a lanolin scent which is a natural oil that protects the sheep's wool and skin. Some amount of lanolin is intentionally left in the wool after the scouring and cleaning process. This ensures conditioning effects and increases the longevity and vitality of our wool.

            Queen Comforter Sets - Buyer's Guide


            Here is a list of some factors to consider while buying a queen size comforter.

            What is a queen size comforter?

            A queen comforters are primarily tailored to fit a queen size bed, and it's size ranges from 86 by 86 inches to 90 by 90 inches. A queen size comforter fits the queen size mattress perfectly, whether you want your comforter to be tucked or hanging around the edges.

            What are some factors to consider while buying a new comforter?

            With so many options available with different fills, weights, constructions, and so on, it can be a task to choose the right one for you. Making the right choice can be the difference between a good or bad night's sleep. Here are some factors to consider while buying a new comforter -

            • Fill Material

            Fill material

            Choosing the right filling is very important because it determines the warmth and weight of the comforter. The fill can vary depending on the brand. It includes materials like down, down alternative, wool, cotton, silk, bamboo, etc. Wool has a unique texture, which makes it great at retaining heat, making it an efficient insulator. Cotton is one of the most widely used fillers for comforters. It's soft and breathable nature makes it a good, albeit less durable, filler for comforters. Silk and bamboo fiber, being light and breathable materials, can make good comforter fillers too.

            • Weight

            Heavy, medium, and light weight comforters

            Fill weight refers to the number of ounces of filling inside the comforter. More fill weight means a heavy-weight comforter, while less fill weight means a light-weight comforter. Consider the weight of the comforter based on your climate and personal preferences. Lighter options are suitable for warmer weather, while heavier ones provide added warmth during colder seasons.

            • Outer Fabric

            Cotton Cover for Comforter

            The outer fabric that holds the filling in place is just as important as the filling material. One of the primary indicators of fabric quality is the thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads within a square inch of fabric. Essentially, a higher thread count means that the fabric is tightly woven and, generally speaking, is of better quality. However, if the fabric is constructed poorly, a higher thread count might make it feel stiff.

            The choice of outer fabric depends on its breathability and softness against your skin. The most common choices for the outer fabric of a comforter are those made of cotton, silk, or polyester blends. The look and design of the fabric might also play an important role if you're someone who likes to have color-coordinated comforter sets and bedding.

            • Comforter Construction

            Baffle box and Sewn through construction

            Comforter construction refers to the stitching in the interior of the comforter to prevent the material from shifting and creating lumps or dead spaces. A good comforter construction ensures an equal distribution of the material throughout the comforter. The most common construction patterns used in comforters are baffle box and sewn-through.

            A baffle box is one of the most expensive constructions and is mostly used for down comforters. It is characterized by 'fill pockets' separated by fabric walls inside the comforter. This construction allows fill material to achieve maximum loft without sacrificing warmth levels. Moreover, it gives a very smooth and sleek look to the comforter.

            In sewn-through construction, the top and bottom layers of the outer fabric are stitched together. Just like baffle box construction, this construction also creates pockets for filling; however, sewn-through construction does not feature the vertical strips of clothes in between the pockets. This construction, however, eliminates a lot of the height that is provided in baffle box construction. Thus, it also reduces the space available for the filling to expand.

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