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Last Updated January 5, 2024

Imagine this in your head: You're feeling terrible and exhausted. You just came home after a hectic work day, craving sleep. You have a quick bath, a filling dinner, put on your night suits, and toss into your bed to drift off for a restful eight hours. But after a few minutes, you notice that your plan's totally foiled - you started sweating again like all the other day. Sounds miserable, right? If you've ever experienced this, you are probably a hot sleeper and might benefit from using a cooling mattress.

best cooling mattress for hot sleepers

There are so many reasons why you sleep hot. It could be due to menopause, medications, hormone disorders, neurological conditions, pre-sleep activities, bedding design, and sleep environment. Another common culprit? A heat-trapping mattress!

latex mattress

Well, feeling hot during sleep or experiencing night sweats is quite normal and often has a quick fix. Finding the best cooling mattress along with other cooling bedding products can help hot sleepers achieve the good night's sleep they deserve.

But what is a cooling mattress, and does it really work? If yes, how do you choose the best one? Oh wait, you don't have to mess up your head thinking too much about this; just read this article on the 'Best Cooling Mattress for Hot Sleepers,' and you'll be armed with all the information you need. Keep reading!

What are cooling mattresses?

As its name suggests, a cooling mattress is designed to keep you cool at night. There are a few different ways that manufacturers achieve this, but the most common is by using materials that are good at conducting heat. This means that heat is drawn away from your body and dissipated more quickly, helping you to maintain a comfortable temperature all night long.

Some cooling mattresses also feature special vents or airflow channels that help to promote air circulation. As a result, you won't have to worry about waking up in a pool of your own sweat.

Do cooling mattresses really work, or is it just a marketing trick?

Human beings have an average body temperature of about 98.6° F, which is, in fact, warmer than most objects it naturally comes in contact with.

Your body's temperature can increase when you sleep under blankets or live in hot conditions. This often leads to more heat retention and poor sleep quality. Due to this, many sleepers buy mattresses and other bedding accessories that are naturally cool or built with cooling technology.

Cooling mattresses act as a great solution to restless, hot sleepers and those experiencing frequent night sweats by countering the residual heat generated by the human body.

If you ask us whether or not cooling mattresses really work, we'd say yes, but they can't work miracles. Cooling mattresses are designed in such a way to help sleepers rest at a more comfortable temperature all night, but it solely depends on the cooling features used. We'll be discussing more about this aspect in the later section of this article.

However, if you have a certain medical condition that causes night sweats, a cooling mattress might not do the trick, but of course, it helps you bring some sort of relief.

Benefits of sleeping on a cooling mattress

Let's look at some of the amazing benefits offered by a cooling mattress.

  • No more night sweats

If excessive night sweats have got you waking up in the middle of slumber, a cooling mattress might be what you need. It's made of materials that help to keep your body temperature cool. This way, you will sweat less during the night. The mattress absorbs your body heat and then spreads it out instead of trapping it.

  • Superior comfort and pain relief

Whether you live in a warm and humid environment or just tend to sleep hot, a cooling mattress can provide superior comfort. These mattresses are constructed using foam layers that are unequivocally designed for offering cooling and support so that you experience the best of both worlds. As an added bonus, cooling mattresses work well in eliminating painful pressure points as well as improving blood circulation. Well, that's super-cool, right?

  • Restful night's sleep

Hot nights and muzzy mornings - well, who in the world wants that!

An ordinary mattress accumulates heat making the sleeper restless throughout the night. And when a sleeper sweats, the moisture remains on the bed surface, leaving their body feeling sticky. On the other hand, a cooling mattress disperses heat instead of trapping it, promoting a rejuvenating sleep experience. These mattresses actively wick away moisture from your body so that you sleep cooler and say bye-bye to restless nights.

  • Lower AC bills

When it's too hot out there, you might always be tempted to switch on the air conditioner (and end up doing so). But if you rely too much on your AC, you'll have to spend more money in the long run.

You can save money on your AC bills by investing in a cooling mattress. Not only will this exceptional mattress keep your body temperature from getting too high, but it may also keep your AC bill in check.

How to choose the best cooling mattress?

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the best cooling mattress for hot sleepers:

  • Type of material

Choose a mattress made of breathable material and has good airflow. They can help regulate body temperature and prevent the body from overheating during sleep. In addition, a breathable mattress can also help to reduce moisture build-up, which can lead to a more comfortable and refreshing night's sleep.

  • Firmness

For hot sleepers, the ideal mattress will provide both comfort and support while helping to regulate body temperature. Medium-firm mattresses are often the best choice for them as they provide the necessary support without causing excessive heat build-up.

Types of cooling mattresses for hot sleepers

Alright, so now you are aware of the incredible benefits offered by a cooling mattress and how to choose the best one, but what options are actually available out there for you to consider? Instead of spending hours and hours deciding which type to choose, read below to discover three common types of cooling mattresses that may be right for you.

1. Latex mattress

The first one on our list of cooling mattresses is latex. That's because latex is a natural material that breathes well, allowing air to circulate much better than the traditional types of mattresses, allowing for a cooler night's rest. To get a detailed understanding of why a latex mattress offers a cooling sleep, you need to have thorough knowledge about the structure of latex.

latex mattress for hot sleepers

Latex is made from the milky white sap of the rubber tree, which is later baked and then molded into foam. This type of foam is known for being very breathable and having an open cell structure. This means that there is a lot of airflow within the mattress. This is beneficial because it helps to regulate temperature and prevent the build-up of moisture.

In addition, latex mattresses are often punctuated by pinholes. These are set at regular intervals and offer even further airflow. Different manufacturers have different methods of ensuring this type of ventilation in latex mattresses. Some use the standard pinholes, while others use different ductwork. Either way, this type of ventilation is beneficial for those who want to sleep cooler and more comfortably.

Apart from the built-in ventilation and unique cooling properties offered by the material, latex has several other advantages. They offer excellent support, promote blood circulation, and relieve pressure points. Latex mattresses are also hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for people with allergies or sensitivities.

However, not all latex mattresses are created equal. If you're looking for the most eco-friendly and healthy option, make sure you choose a 100% organic and natural latex mattress. These mattresses are made from rubber trees that have been sustainably harvested, and they're free of harmful chemicals and toxins.

2. Gel memory foam mattress

Gel infused memory foam is another cooling mattress that first became popular in the early 2010s. It is nothing but a blend of traditional memory foam and gel particles or beads that are either infused or applied as a layer on top of it.

are gel memory foam mattresses worth it for hot sleepers

Thermal and phase-changing gels are two types of gels that are often used in gel memory foam mattresses. These gels help to draw heat away from the sleeper, making the surface temperature more comfortable.

Even though the same cooling beads can be infused into other types of foam like latex, you will find it most often in memory foam. This is mainly because memory foam often struggles to maintain a cool temperature.

Gel memory foam mattresses offer the same benefits as traditional memory foam (and some drawbacks) while also helping to keep you cool and comfortable all night long. Yes, drawbacks, you read it right *sighs*.

Memory foam mattresses are known to off-gas and release harmful VOCs, which can affect your health in a very negative way. They even contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, benzene, naphthalene, as well as isocyanates, which can cause eyes, nose, throat, and skin irritation. Exposure to these chemicals can also lead to chest tightness and asthma. Therefore, if you are health conscious, it's better to look for natural options like latex.

natural and organic latex mattress topper

3. Innerspring mattresses

An innerspring mattress is a type of mattress that uses coil system to provide support and comfort. The coils are surrounded by another thin layer (around 2 inches thick) of foam or other materials and the whole assembly is covered with a fabric casing. Innerspring mattresses have been around for decades and are still a popular choice among consumers. They are generally more affordable than other types of mattresses.

are innerspring mattresses good for hot sleepers

So, are they any good for hot sleepers? The answer is yes! Innerspring mattresses offer excellent airflow and breathability, thanks to their construction. This means that hot sleepers won't have to worry about feeling too warm at night.

However, it's worth noting that innerspring mattresses aren't as supportive or comfortable as all-foam mattresses.

3. Hybrid mattress

Last but not least, a hybrid mattress - a combo of two different styles. A hybrid mattress is a type of bed that combines both innerspring coils and multiple foam layers (latex, memory foam , or a mix of both). The innerspring coils provide support and promote airflow through the bed, whereas the foam gives you body-contouring comfort - and what's the result? A cooler and comfortable night's sleep indeed!

are hybrid mattresses good for hot sleepers

And when it comes to choosing the best hybrid mattress for hot sleepers, latex is the best option. Latex foam is comparatively more durable than memory foam, meaning it will maintain its shape and support for longer. It's also more breathable, so you won't have to worry about feeling hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. In addition, latex is a natural material that is healthy, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly (while memory foam is not).

What is the best cooling mattress for people who sleep hot?

Of all the different types of mattresses out there, the ones made with latex are the best for hot sleepers. Latex material conforms to the body, providing support and pressure relief while also helping to regulate temperature.

The open-cell structure of latex allows air to flow freely, helping to keep the body cool down at night. In addition, latex mattresses are natural and durable, making them a great choice for people looking for an eco-friendly option. Hybrid mattresses made of latex foam are also another great choice.

woman sleeping comfortably on the best cooling mattress

Other Mattress Guides

If you're unsure about which type of mattress would be the best fit for you, we have other recommendations that you can explore....

What if you are a hot sleeper and not ready to invest in an all-new mattress?

If you're not ready to invest in an all-new mattress, there are some other options that can help you get a good night's sleep. Mattress toppers and pads are an easy and cost-effective way to add an extra layer of comfort to your existing mattress.

Cooling Mattress Toppers

If you feel that your mattress could be the sole reason for your sleepless night or if you're not to invest in an all-new mattress, a cooling mattress topper may be the best solution. Cooling mattress toppers are designed to lie on top of your existing mattress, providing a cooler surface for your body to interact with. They can be made using a variety of materials such as natural latex, wool, gel-infused memory foam, or others that draw heat away from the sleeper's body. Most of them are usually 2 to 4 inches thick and range in price from $50 to $200. So if you're looking for a more affordable way to improve your sleep quality, consider buying a cooling mattress topper.

latex mattress topper for hot sleepers

If you're going to buy a mattress topper for a hot sleeper, choose the one made of breathable and natural materials like latex that are both healthy and safe.

For a greater understanding of how to choose the best mattress topper for hot sleepers, feel free to check out our blog post on 'Cooling Mattress Toppers - Ultimate Guide'.

Cooling Mattress Pads

A cooling mattress pad is actually a thin layer of material that is placed over the mattress to help you sleep cool. It works by absorbing and dissipating heat, creating a cooler surface for the body to rest on. Cooling mattress pads are often made from materials like gel memory foam. They can also be made from more breathable materials like natural wool, cotton, or bamboo, which allow for better airflow and help to prevent the build-up of sweat.

Just like toppers, when you are looking for the best cooling mattress pads for hot sleepers, go for the ones made of breathable and natural fabrics that allow air to circulate and prevent the build-up of heat.

A man experiencing night sweats after sleeping on a traditional mattress

Other bedding accessories to consider if you are a hot sleeper

Here are a few bedding accessories that can help if you're a hot sleeper:

Cooling sheets

Cooling sheets are designed to mitigate nighttime temperature spikes, which can interfere with your sleep quality. They are made from a variety of materials, including cotton, linen, tencel, and bamboo. Some cooling sheets are even infused with essential oils that can help you relax. The most important factor in choosing cooling sheets is breathability. Look for sheets that will allow your skin to breathe while you sleep.

cooling sheet sets

Cooling pillows

A cooling pillow is a type of pillow that is specifically designed to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. Many people find that traditional pillows get hot and sweaty during the night, which can lead to a night of restless sleep. Cooling pillows are usually made from materials that help to regulate body temperatures, such as latex or gel memory foam.

woman sleeping comfortably on the best cooling pillow

Easy lifestyle tips to help you sleep cool at night

There are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to help ensure that you'll sleep cool and comfortable all night long.

  • Invest in some high-quality bedding. Breathable sheets and a lightweight comforter will help regulate your body temperature, so you won't get too hot or too cold during the night.
  • Avoid eating spicy or heavy meals before bedtime. Eating a large meal can raise your body temperature, making it harder to fall asleep.
  • Create a cool, comfortable sleep environment. Keep the blinds closed during the day to block out the sun's heat and open them at night to let in the cooler air.
  • Practice some relaxation techniques before bed. This includes deep breathing or progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Don't forget about hydration. Drinking lots of water during the day will help your body regulate its temperature more effectively. So, make sure to keep a water bottle by your bedside so you can stay hydrated throughout the night.


1. Is a cooling mattress worth it?

A cooling mattress is definitely worth it if you live in a hot climate or you tend to sleep hot. They are designed to regulate body temperature, providing a comfortable and refreshing night's sleep. These mattresses work by using a variety of cooling materials (like latex or gel-infused memory foam ) to dissipate heat.

2. What is the coolest and healthiest mattress material?

The coolest and healthiest mattress material is natural latex.

Latex is made from rubber trees, so it's natural and free of harmful chemicals. It's also very breathable, so it won't trap heat as other materials can. In addition, latex conforms to your body for exceptional support and pressure relief. They're also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant, making them ideal for people with allergies or asthma. Plus, they're extremely durable and will last for years with proper care.

3. Is traditional memory foam a cooling mattress?

Memory foam is made of polyurethane, which is a material that is not very good at conducting heat. As a result, it tends to trap heat, making memory foam mattresses significantly warmer than other types of mattresses. Due to this, memory foam cannot be considered a cooling mattress.

4. What is a cooling gel infused foam mattress?

A cooling gel mattress is a type of mattress that uses special gel-infused memory foam to regulate body temperature. The gel infused helps to absorb and dissipate heat, keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable throughout the night.

5. Are cooling mattresses really cold?

Cooling mattresses are designed to be cooler than traditional mattresses, making them ideal for hot sleepers. In fact, many people find that cooling mattresses help them to sleep more soundly, as the cooler temperature helps to relieve muscle tension and promote blood flow. Well, they're not so cold that you'll wake up feeling like you've been sleeping on a block of ice.

6. Do latex mattresses make you sweat?

Not at all. Latex is an extremely breathable material, and it actually helps to regulate body temperature. As a result, you are less likely to experience night sweats when sleeping on a latex mattress. In fact, latex mattresses are often recommended for people with hot flashes or other menopausal symptoms.

7. Are the best cooling mattresses more expensive than traditional mattresses?

Cooling mattresses typically use advanced materials and construction techniques that result in a higher price tag. However, many cooling mattress manufacturers offer financing options that make the initial investment more manageable.

natural and organic pillows

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If you're someone who suffers from night sweats, hot flashes, or chronic overheating, a cooling mattress may be the perfect investment for you. Not only can a cooling mattress help to regulate your body temperature and provide a cooler sleeping surface, but it can also provide relief for people who experience pain due to inflammation or arthritis.

If you have any questions about our recommendations or want more information on how to choose the best cooling mattress, let us know in the comments. And if you're already enjoying a cool night's sleep on your new mattress, be sure to let us know how it's working out for you!

Disclaimer: What is said in this article has been referenced from multiple sources and is intended only for educational and informational purposes. Please note that no content in this article is a substitute for professional advice from a qualified doctor or healthcare provider. Always consult an experienced doctor with any concerns you may have regarding a health condition or treatment, and never disregard any medical suggestions or delay in seeking treatment because of something you read here.

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