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              Are you tired of battling with pillows to find the ideal position for relaxation? Do you often wake up with stiffness or discomfort? Bid farewell to restless nights and embrace the epitome of comfort with Turmerry's adjustable bed bases!

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              From Sleepless to Dreamy Nights

              Adjustable bed base with ultimate control adjust- Turmerry

              Engineered with cutting-edge technology and ergonomic designs, our beds offer a haven of calm tailored to your preferences. Picture yourself effortlessly adjusting your bed to the perfect angle for unwinding after a long day. With your head and feet elevated just so, experience the relief of pressure and pain melting away as you drift into a restful slumber. Say goodbye to tossing and turning and hello to blissful relaxation with Turmerry's adjustable bed bases.

              Choose From Our Top-Selling Adjustable Bed Frames

              Our collection of adjustable bed frames is designed to cater to a variety of needs. Whether you're looking for basic functionality or advanced features, we have the perfect bed base for you. Each model is crafted with high-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure durability and performance. With options that range from budget-friendly to feature-rich, you can find the perfect adjustable bed frame to suit your lifestyle and enhance your sleep quality.

              Quest 1.0 Adjustable Base Bed

              Quest 1.0 Adjustable Base Bed

              The Quest 1.0 Adjustable Base Bed offers a sleek and modern design with an ultra-slim 1-inch profile that fits seamlessly into your existing bed platform. Opt for our 12-inch adjustable/stackable legs if you need extra height. Enjoy the convenience of a wired remote and a zero standby power system, which ensures energy efficiency. The silent drive motors provide smooth and quiet adjustments, and the head articulation feature allows you to find the perfect position for reading or watching TV. The Quest 1.0 is an excellent choice for those seeking affordability without sacrificing quality.

              Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base Bed

              Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base Bed

              Elevate your comfort with the Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base Bed, which includes all the features of the Quest 1.0 plus foot articulation. This upgrade enables you to find the ideal position for reading, meditating, or working in bed. The wireless remote offers added convenience, and the one-touch flat preset makes it easy to return to a flat position. With a 2-inch ultra-slim profile, the Quest 2.0 blends seamlessly into any bedroom decor, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your sleeping space.

              Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed

              Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed

              The Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Bed is the pinnacle of comfort and innovation, offering a perfect balance between size, affordability, and advanced features. This model comes equipped with programmable presets, a Zero-G preset for ultimate relaxation, and sonic massage motors to soothe your muscles. The under bed lighting provides a soft glow, while the dual USB ports keep your devices charged. The voice-activated Hello Ergo system allows you to adjust your bed hands-free, making the Quest 2.5 a luxurious addition to any bedroom.

              Modern Solutions For Modern Sleep Challenges

              Modern Solutions For Modern Sleep Challenges

              Our adjustable bed bases offer advanced technology and innovative designs that can enhance your sleep and overall comfort. Here are some key benefits:

              • Relieve Pressure and Pain

              An adjustable bed frame can help reduce discomfort and pain by allowing you to adjust your sleeping position. Whether you have back pain, joint issues, or other discomforts, you can adjust the bed to lift your head and foot positions to the right angles, ensuring your mattress supports the natural curves of your body. This can lead to better sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and pain-free.

              • Customizable for Couples

              If you and your partner have different sleep preferences, an adjustable base can help. Each side of the bed can be adjusted independently, so you can elevate your head while your partner prefers a different position. This customization ensures both of you get a good night's sleep without disturbing each other. Our split king-size mattresses and bases are perfect for this, allowing each person to control their side of the bed.

              • Address Health Conditions

              If you suffer from health issues like acid reflux or sleep apnea, an adjustable base can make a big difference. By elevating your head, you can reduce symptoms and improve your sleep quality. You can adjust the bed to the best angle for your condition, creating a more comfortable and supportive sleeping environment.

              • Experience Zero Gravity Relaxation

              Our adjustable bed bases feature a zero-gravity preset, where your legs and head are slightly raised to create a feeling of weightlessness. This position reduces pressure on your lower back and enhances relaxation. Inspired by the posture astronauts use during takeoff, the zero-gravity position can help you unwind and sleep better.

              Rise and Recline in Comfort With Turmerry

              A couple sleeping on an adjustable bed with split king features

              Experience tailored comfort custom settings with the Turmerry Adjustable Bed Base. Seamlessly transition from lying flat to sitting upright at the touch of a button, ideal for reading, watching TV, or achieving the perfect sleep position. Enjoy enhanced motion isolation sleeping and targeted pressure relief. With an easy-to-use remote control and a quiet motor, you can personalize your comfort and wake up rejuvenated every day.

              Adjustable Bed Base - Buyer's Guide

              An adjustable base is a frame that lets you elevate your head and feet to different angles, providing customized support and comfort. To give you a basic understanding of adjustable bases, here is a mini buyer's guide.

              adjustable base bed with complete control

              Who Benefits from an Adjustable Bed Frame?

              People Who Really Value Good Sleep: These are individuals who prioritize getting the best possible sleep. They understand how important it is to set up the perfect sleep environment, and adjustable bed bases can help them achieve that.

              Those Dealing with Chronic Pain or Discomfort: For people who suffer from ongoing pain or discomfort, finding the right support for their body is key. Adjustable bed bases allow them to customize their sleeping position to relieve pressure points and promote relaxation. 

              Health-Conscious Individuals: People who are proactive about their health often find adjustable bed bases beneficial. These bases can help address various health issues like snoring, sleep apnea, circulation problems, or acid reflux. 

              Couples with Different Sleep Preferences: In shared bedrooms, accommodating different sleep preferences can be tricky. Adjustable bed bases solve this problem by letting each partner control their own sleep position. This means that each person can customize their side of the bed to fit their individual needs, promoting a more peaceful night's sleep for both partners.

              Advantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

              Advantages of Adjustable Bed Frames

              Customizable Sleep Positions: Adjustable bed bases allow you to elevate various parts of your body, such as your head, shoulders, or legs. This customization can help alleviate discomfort from conditions like acid reflux, sleep apnea, or back pain.

              Improved Circulation: Elevating your legs or torso can enhance blood circulation, reduce swelling, and promote overall comfort, especially for those with circulation issues or leg pain.

              Enhanced Comfort: Being able to adjust your bed to the perfect position can significantly increase comfort, making it easier to find the ideal sleeping position.

              Versatility: Adjustable bed bases often come with additional features like massage settings, USB ports, or under-bed lighting, enhancing the overall sleeping experience.

              Reduced Snoring: Elevating the head of the bed can help alleviate snoring by keeping the airways open and reducing pressure on the throat.

              Disadvantages of Adjustable Bed Base

              Disadvantages of Adjustable Bed Base

              Cost: Adjustable bed bases tend to be more expensive than traditional bed frames and mattresses. The additional features and mechanisms required for adjustability contribute to the higher cost.

              Complexity: Some users may find adjustable bed bases to be more complicated to set up and operate compared to standard bed frames. Learning how to use the various adjustments and features effectively may take some time.

              Compatibility:Not all mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed bases. You may need to purchase a specific type of mattress designed to work with adjustable bases, which could limit your options.

              Maintenance: The mechanical components of adjustable bed bases may require maintenance over time, and repairs can be costly. Additionally, the motors and electronics can potentially malfunction, leading to downtime and inconvenience.

              Limited Aesthetic Options: Adjustable bed bases may not offer the same aesthetic appeal as traditional bed frames, as their design is primarily focused on functionality rather than style. This could be a drawback for those who prioritize the look of their bedroom furniture.

              Adjustable Bed Sizes and Dimensions

              Have a look at the standard adjustable bed sizes and dimensions:

              Twin - 38 x 75 inches

              Twin XL - 38 x 80 inches

              Full - 54 x 75 inches

              Queen - 60 x 80 inches

              King - 76 x 80 inches

              Split Queen - 30 x 80 inches (x2)

              Split King - 38 x 80 inches (x2)

              California King - 72 x 84 inches

              Split Cal King - 36 x 84 inches (x2)


              1. Are adjustable bases compatible with all mattresses?

              Not all mattresses work with adjustable beds. Memory foam, latex, and some hybrid mattresses are usually compatible. However, most innerspring mattresses won't work unless they are specially made for adjustable beds.

              2. Are special sheets required for adjustable bases?

              While standard sheets may suffice, deep-pocket fitted sheets or sheets with elastic straps are recommended to accommodate the varying heights and angles of adjustable mattresses, ensuring a snug fit and stability during position adjustments.

              3. Can an adjustable base fit inside any bed frame?

              Yes, an adjustable base can fit inside most bed frames as long as the frame size matches the adjustable base. Ensure the bed frame is open at the bottom or has enough clearance for the base's movement and functionality. However, always verify the specific dimensions and requirements of both the bed frame and the adjustable base to ensure compatibility.

              4. What is a split Cal king adjustable bed base?

              A split California king adjustable base typically consists of two individual bases, each measuring 36 inches wide by 84 inches long. When placed together, these bases support a split Cal king mattress, forming the standard dimensions of a California king bed, which is 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.

              5. How wide is a single adjustable bed frame?

              A single adjustable bed frame is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long.

              6. Do split king mattress sets suit split Cal king bases?

              Using a split king mattress set on a split California king base would result in improper alignment and support due to the differences in length and width. This mismatch can lead to discomfort and potential damage to both the mattress and the base over time. Therefore, it is essential to match the mattress set with the appropriately sized base for optimal comfort and functionality.

              7. Can you use a box spring with an adjustable bed frame?

              No, you cannot use a traditional box spring with an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frames are designed to flex and move to various positions, which a rigid box spring is not capable of.

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