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          The king-size mattress represents exactly what it sounds like - a royally spacious bed for the kings and queens who are our customers! It is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long, drastically improving on the width offered by a queen mattress. Check out our buyer's guide below to learn more about king beds.

          And if you're seeking to replace your current mattress with a king-size bed, then we've got something special for you, too! At Turmerry, we offer you a unique range of king-size latex mattress models made from high-quality GOLS-certified organic latex. Read on to find out how our mattresses stand out from the competition!

          Organic Latex Mattress


          Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress



          • A king mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. A 12 x 12 square foot bedroom size is recommended to accommodate a king-size bed.
          • The best king-size mattress is a natural latex mattress. Natural latex is bouncy, responsive, eco-friendly, cooling, and durable, making it ideal for almost every sleeper type.
          • Turmerry provides 3 unique king-size latex mattress models - The Natural and Organic Latex Mattress, the Latex Hybrid Mattress, and the Latex Egg Crate Mattress.
          • Turmerry provides Free Shipping across the US, a 120 Night Free Trial Period, and a 100% Money Back Guarantee!
          Luxurious king size mattress

          Turmerry King-Size Mattresses Are the Best: Here’s Why!

          Composed of sustainably sourced organic latex from the heart of Sri Lankan forests and certified safe for human health by established institutions, our eco-friendly latex beds are built to stand the test of time, comfort, and customer satisfaction.

          The various components included across our range of king-size mattresses include GOLS-certified organic latex, FSC-certified Talalay latex, GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, natural New Zealand wool, and sturdy pocketed coils. They're all sourced and manufactured in a manner that doesn't hurt the environment or the customer.

          Organic latex harvesting stretch for king size mattresses

          Our mattresses do not discriminate against any sleeping positions or body types, either. Side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers will all find the comfort and support they seek for non-disruptive sleep. So will lightweight, average-weight, and heavy-weight sleepers.

          But the best part of it all is - Turmerry latex mattresses are affordable! That's right! Just because we offer luxury doesn't mean you have to fork out a fortune for it! Our king-sized latex mattresses are priced in a manner that will have your wallet sleeping comfortably as well!

          And don't forget - you get to enjoy a solid 10- to 20-year warranty that is topped off by a 120-night trial period and backed up by our quick-to-respond customer service.

          A Complete Look at Turmerry Latex King Mattress and Its Many Benefits

          You've been acquainted with the highlights of our latex beds, but you have yet to find out their true potential! Here are all the benefits you'll get when sleeping on one of our king-sized beds:

          • Healthy support and pressure relief
          Comfortable latex mattress over cooling gel memory foam mattress

          Our all-foam mattress types are made with Dunlop latex foam layers, while our spring-type mattresses are made with Talalay latex and pocketed coils. Dunlop latex provides greater firmness, support, and density than Talalay latex, which veers more towards extra cushioning and pressure relief. Moreover, the pocketed coils provide targeted support to each and every part of your body.

          • Bouncy response
          Natural latex mattress over cooling gel memory foam mattress

          Latex is essentially rubber at its core, which gives it a buoyant feel. This bounce is crucial if you're a light sleeper, as it doesn't inhibit movement on the mattress. Latex is also highly responsive to your movements.

          • Long-lasting resilience
          Durable latex mattress over cooling gel memory foam mattress

          Latex has a strong internal structure that makes it highly resilient to wear and tear over time. When cared for properly, latex beds can provide a sag-free experience that lasts around 15-20 years!

          • Perforated cooling
          Breathable latex mattress over cooling gel memory foam mattress

          Hot sleepers and heavier sleepers will love the carefully perforated surfaces of our beds, which allow unrestricted airflow through them. This ensures that our mattresses don't trap heat but instead provide a cool environment when falling asleep!

          • Strong edge support, motion isolation, and noiselessness
          Motion isolating latex mattress over cooling gel memory foam mattress

          These three factors are essential for any restless or light sleeper, and we've got them covered in each mattress!

          • Eco-friendly goodness
          All mattress certifications for king size mattresses

          We've amassed certifications from GOLS, GOTS, OEKO-TEX, and eco-INSTITUT, which inspect the level of inorganic substances used in our mattresses and deem them safe for human health. When you value your own and your loved ones' overall health, an organic mattress such as ours is always the right choice to make.

          Choose Between Three Different Turmerry King Mattress Models!

          Feeling restricted in choice at most mattress manufacturers? Don't worry; we've got you covered with three unique mattress models to choose from:

          1. King-Size Natural and Organic Latex Mattress
          Natural and Organic Latex Mattress

          Crafted with Dunlop latex foam layers, a natural New Zealand wool layer, and an organic cotton cover, this all-foam bed is perfect for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. With its ability to provide zoned support, different parts of your body will be imbued with the comfort and support they desire.

          Customizable aspects

          - Firmness levels (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm)
          - Height levels (8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches)

          1. King-Size Latex Hybrid Mattress
          Latex Hybrid Mattress

          Sleep comfortably with the medium-firm feel offered by our latex hybrid mattress. It features a support core made of 8-inch pocket coils and a comfort layer made of 2-inch Talalay latex foam, which is then imbued with a natural wool layer and encased in a breathable cover made of organic cotton.

          1. King-Size Egg Crate Mattress
          Egg Crate Mattress

          Get the feel of sleeping on an egg crate with our egg crate mattresses! Topped with a layer of latex egg-crate foam, these all-foam beds are capable of providing enhanced contouring and pressure-relieving properties by distributing your body weight evenly across their surface.

          Customizable aspects

          - Firmness levels (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm)
          - Height levels (8", 10", and 12")

          King-Size Mattress - Buyer's Guide

          What is a king-size mattress?

          King-size mattresses are larger than most other standard mattress sizes and have a dimension of 76" x 80". They're often chosen for two or more people who need a lot of sleeping space.

          Cheap king size mattress for sale dimensions

          Note: The recommended bedroom space for a king mattress is 12 by 12 square feet or more. If your bedroom is smaller, a king mattress may end up cramping the whole place.

          Does a king mattress size suit you?

          With all its spaciousness, does the king mattress actually suit your nightly needs? Find out whether king mattresses suit you or not:

          King mattresses are suitable for

          King size mattresses for Singles couples and families
          • Singles, Couples, and Families: King-size mattresses can easily hold up to a family of four. This makes it much more spacious for couples and single sleepers as well.
          King size mattresses for sale to larger, restless, and combination sleepers
          • Larger Sleepers, Restless Sleepers, and Combination Sleepers: Thicker couples who weigh over 230 lbs., restless sleepers who move around constantly, and combination sleepers who don't have any preferred sleeping position may desire more space than what a queen bed can provide.
          King size mattresses for Huge bedrooms guest rooms
          • Huge Bedrooms/Guest Rooms: A king bed is best fitted for master bedrooms, master suites, luxurious vacation rentals, hotel suites, etc.

          King mattresses aren't suitable for

          Kingsize mattress for sleepers on a budget
          • Sleepers on a Budget: Buying a king mattress is a costly endeavor. A quality one, on average, can cost you anywhere from $1500-$3000.
          king size mattress sale for smaller rooms apartments
          • Smaller Rooms/Apartments: Generally, rooms that are smaller than 12 x 12 sq. feet, when fitted with a king bed, do not leave much room for walking or storing furniture.
          Mobility or accessibility concerns
          • Mobility or Accessibility Concerns: King-size mattresses can be heavy and challenging to move.

          What are the different types of king-size mattresses?

          There are several different types of king-size mattresses available today that cater to various sleeper preferences. Here is an overview of the most commonly available mattress types:

          1. Innerspring Mattress
          Innerspring mattress construction

          Spring coils serve as the primary support system in innerspring mattresses. And for added comfort, they usually have a thin layer of foam or padding. Good support, breathability, and bounce go hand in hand with the traditional firm feel of innerspring mattresses.

          1. Memory Foam Mattress
          Memory foam mattress construction

          Memory foam mattresses are made with low-density/high-density memory foam that conforms to the body's shape, providing excellent pressure relief and motion isolation. They can alleviate pain, especially for individuals with joint or back issues. It is also possible to find memory foam mattresses with gel-infused foams. Gel-infused memory foam beds have enhanced bounce and cooling properties.

          1. Latex Mattress
          Latex mattress construction

          Mattresses made from latex foam can be natural, blended, or synthetic. Natural latex is the best of them all, providing a responsive and bouncy surface that supports well. Natural latex mattresses are also well-known for their durability, breathability, motion isolation, edge support, and eco-friendliness. They offer a balance of support and comfort.

          1. Hybrid Mattress
          Hybrid mattress construction

          A hybrid mattress combines the support of modern spring coils with the comfort of memory foam or latex layers. Hybrid beds are designed to offer the advantages of various materials, including improved support, pressure relief, and temperature regulation. For those who desire a balance between support and contouring comfort, hybrid mattresses are appropriate.

          1. Gel Memory Foam Mattress
          Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress construction

          Gel memory foam mattresses combine the innovative design of traditional memory foam mattresses with the added cooling properties of cooling gel-infused memory foam. Similar to a standard memory foam mattress, gel memory foam mattresses have layers of memory foam stacked together and encased in a cover. The key difference lies in the infusion of cooling gel particles within the memory foam layers. This addition helps regulate temperature and disperse body heat, preventing the mattress from becoming excessively warm during sleep.

          1. Air Mattress
          Air mattress construction

          Airbeds have customizable air chambers that act as the support core and let you adjust the firmness to your preferred level. They can be inflated automatically through automatic pumps and remotes or manually through manual pumps. Airbeds are suitable for individuals who prefer a temporary, portable mattress with customizable firmness and support.

          How much do king mattresses cost?

          On average, the current price of a good king mattress is between $1500-$3000. This range accounts for a variety of factors, including the quality of materials, construction, brand reputation, and additional features.

          Checking accessories and mattress price details in store

          What essential features should you consider having in your king mattresses?

          • Sleeping-style accommodation
          King mattresses with Body Contouring and Pressure Relief

          Whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or combination sleeper, the mattress you choose must provide sufficient accommodation.

          • Body weight and height support
          Firmer mattress or king mattresses with Spine Support

          Consider your body weight and height when finalizing a mattress purchase. Heavier individuals require a thicker, firmer, and denser mattress. King-size mattresses can comfortably accommodate sleepers as tall as 6'6".

          • Motion isolation
          King mattresses with Motion Isolation and Noiselessness

          If you sleep with a partner, motion isolation is important to minimize disturbances from their movements.

          • Edge support
          King mattresses with Reinforced Edge Support

          Reliable edge support is essential for maximizing the usable surface area of the mattress and providing stability at the bed's edges.

          • Durability
          King mattresses with Durability

          A durable mattress is a worthwhile, long-term investment. The durability of a mattress is primarily determined by its materials and construction.

          • Cooling and breathability
          King mattresses with Cooling and breathability

          Breathable mattresses permit unrestricted airflow through them. This keeps hot sleepers cool throughout the night and wicks away moisture to prevent allergen buildup. Sleeping hot may cause disturbances in your sleep.

          • Customizability
          King mattresses with Customizability and firm options

          Mattress retailers usually allow you to customize the thickness and firmness levels of a king bed. These two aspects of a mattress can significantly affect its adaptability to different body types and sleeping positions.

          • Warranty and trial period
          King mattresses with Extended Warranty and trial period

          Always, always, always read the fine print on the retailer's website regarding the warranty, return policies, and trial period.

          King-size mattress FAQs

          1. What is the average price for a king-size mattress?

          The average price for a king mattress is around $1500. Depending on the type of mattress you choose, the average price can even go down to around $1000 or go as high as $3000.

          1. What is the size of a king-size mattress?

          A king mattress measures 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

          1. Is a California king bigger than a king?

          While some may think that they're both the same size, a Cal king is 4 inches longer and 4 inches narrower than a regular king. Both mattress sizes cater to different sleep preferences. The Cal king offers the perfect level of length for very tall sleepers, while a regular king offers more width for spreading out.

          1. Which is bigger king or queen?

          A king is bigger than a queen by 16 inches in width.

          1. What are the most popular king-size mattresses?

          Besides the standard king-size (Eastern king) mattress, the other best king mattress types include California king, Wyoming king, Olympic king, Texas king, Alaskan king, and Split king mattresses.

          1. What size mattress topper is ideal for a mattress?

          The mattress topper size should match the mattress size. So, Twin mattress toppers for twin mattresses, Twin XL mattress toppers for twin XL mattresses, Full mattress toppers for full mattresses, Queen mattress toppers for queen mattresses, King mattress toppers for king mattresses, and California king mattress toppers for California king mattresses.

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