Best Mattress Topper for Pet Owners

Written by Zulekha Nishad

Last Updated June 13, 2024

Finding the best mattress topper for pet owners can be a daunting task. With so many different types and brands of toppers available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

This guide will help you choose the perfect topper for your needs based on your budget and lifestyle.

natural and organic latex mattress topper

Whether you have a dog or a cat, we've got you covered!

best mattress topper for pet owners

Who doesn't enjoy coming home to a wagging tail and a furry cuddle buddy? For many of us, our pets are like family. And just like family members, sometimes they end up in our beds.

A recent survey found that 56 percent of pet owners let their pets sleep in bed with them. And who doesn't love waking up to a happy, wagging tail?

Some people believe that sleeping with a pet can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation. And others simply enjoy their companionship. However, if you're thinking about sharing your bed with your furry friend, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure your bed has enough space to accommodate your pet. Most pet owners have experienced the struggle of trying to make room for their furry friend on a small bed. Not only is this often uncomfortable for both the pet and the owner, but it can also lead to restless nights as each tries to find a comfortable spot.

Pets can be messy, and they can also be really heavy. A lot of people think that getting a pet is a great way to get a little bit more exercise.

But what they don't realize is that pets can also be really heavy and that they can cause damage to your mattress.

So, if you're a pet parent sharing bed with your furry friend, it's important to get a mattress topper which is the right fit for both of you..

Are mattress toppers effective for pets?

Pets, especially dogs and cats, spend a good chunk of their time sleeping. So, they need to have a comfortable cushioned surface underneath them when they are snoozing.

Of course, a mattress made of high-quality materials like latex is pretty comfortable. But since pets are difficult to manage and mattresses are difficult to clean, it's good to have an extra layer on top like a mattress topper.

Not only that, the level of support offered by a mattress topper makes it an effective choice for pets with joint issues, injuries, and older pets. And a supportive sleeping surface from their early life can prevent these issues.

Types of mattress toppers

Choosing the perfect mattress topper that fits both you and your pet together can be challenging.

But that doesn't mean you should give up on buying one.

Here we will break down the different types and help you make the right decision.

1. Latex mattress toppers

Looking for a comfortable and healthy sleep surface to get cushioned support for you and your pet? Latex mattress toppers have got you covered.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a latex mattress topper is that it contours to your body's curvature and keeps your spine aligned. And since natural latex is so resilient, you don't have to worry about getting indentations. Right along with that, you will be able to experience comfort and support while easing pressure points.

Resting on a latex mattress topper means you don't wake up overheated anymore. Natural latex has an open-cell structure with inbuilt pinholes. This unique structure helps promote airflow, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably. These toppers are more durable and last longer than other types. And thus, it is worth every penny spent. Once bought, you can enjoy the benefits of your new latex mattress topper for many more years to come.

A dog lying on a bed with a supportive mattress topper

However, there are also synthetic and blended latex mattress toppers on the market as well. Therefore, make sure you are getting a 100% certified organic latex mattress topper.

2. Memory foam mattress toppers

Memory foam or body-hugging foam made from polyurethane is another popular option. These toppers respond to heat and pressure and help reduce pressure point problems. This means that your major body parts and spine remain well-aligned, evenly distributing body weight.

It is quiet, has no squeaks or creaks, and is perfect for those who sleep next to a restless partner or a pet.

If you are someone who tosses and turns a lot at night, then this topper is probably not the one for you. Memory foam mattress toppers take some time to adjust from one position to the other. Of course, it will cradle your body, but not right away. This means there's a lack of effective springiness in memory foam.

One downside of the memory foam mattress topper is that it tends to be hotter than the other types. This is because they cradle so close to your body that the dense foam retains heat, making you sleep hot at night. However, with new cooler open cell and gel-infused technologies, sleepers are experiencing less and less of this. But, still, it is made of petroleum-based chemicals, which in no doubt is harmful to health.

Also, memory foam mattress toppers do not do well around moisture. And this can speed up the degeneration of the material, reducing its usable lifespan.

3. Wool mattress toppers

Soft and cozy, a wool mattress topper has a comforting texture and offers just enough padding for a great night's sleep. They are made from fleece or alpaca wool, as well as other wool blends.

Because of the light and natural composition, the wool mattress toppers are very durable, firm in shape, and good at softening a firm mattress. Since wool is a hypoallergenic material, it's good for sleepers who are sensitive to allergies.

More importantly, wool mattress toppers offer less support. So, if you're looking for the best mattress to accommodate both you and your pet, wool might not be an ideal option. Also, wool mattress toppers are a bit pricier and pretty hard to find.

4. Feather mattress toppers

With a plush appearance and oh-so-soft touch, feather mattress toppers are another good option. However, they provide very little support and aren't ideal for proper spinal alignment and cushioning.

At times, feather shafts can poke through the topper, making the sleepers uncomfortable. Moreover, these toppers are crinky and noisy and tend to compress over time, requiring periodic shaking. Also, if you're allergic to feathers, this might not be the one for you. All in all, it's not really the very best mattress topper out there.

5. Egg crate mattress toppers

Typically made from polyurethane foam, egg crate mattress toppers got their unique name from their shape. Yes, you guessed it right!

The bumps and dips of this topper help contour to the shape of your body to provide support and reduce pressure points. People call them the best cooling mattress topper because of their unique heat retention properties. But are they really worth it? Nope!

Sadly, egg crate toppers are thin and pliable. Due to this, after a few months of use with a pet, it may break down and leave a permanent indentation in your bed, reducing its ability to relieve pressure. Also, they're a product of 'polyurethane', which is not natural, healthy, and sustainable.

latex mattress

A low-cost egg crate mattress topper will probably start to lose its shape and support in just a year or two. However, a more high-quality version, such as the ones made of latex, can end up lasting 3+ years.

Which is the best mattress topper for pet owners?

A good night's sleep is crucial for everyone, including our four-legged furry friends. Not all mattresses are created equal, and not all toppers are either. So, how do you choose the best mattress topper if you share your bed with your pet?

A dog lying comfortably on the best latex mattress topper

When it comes to the best mattress toppers for sleeping with your pets, choose the one that will reduce motion transfer. Also, make sure they are natural, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and provide pressure point relief.

Don't forget about heat retention! Make sure you get the best cooling mattress topper, so you don't wake up drenched in sweat, no matter how many fur babies you sleep with. That way, you can get the great night's rest that you need to feel rejuvenated in the morning when you can set off on your next adventure together.

But which mattress topper has all these features together?

Is it memory foam? No way! It's true that memory foam is great at motion isolation and providing support, but it fails when it comes to heat retention. They tend to trap heat, and also, they aren't natural. The worst part, memory foam is a type of polyurethane foam. And, nasty chemicals like toluene, formaldehyde, naphthalene, memory foam have them all!

What about cooling mattress toppers like wool and feather? They have excellent heat retention properties but lack the necessary support and cushioning required if you are planning to share your bed with your pet.

Egg crate toppers? Eww, impossible! Like memory foam, these aren't natural and have so many chemicals involved during the production process. It is breathable and does provide support, cushioning, and pain relief. But, that's not all. If you and your pet really want to have a happy and healthy life, you should create an optimal sleeping environment. This includes sleeping on a non-toxic surface. Keep in mind there are natural and organic latex egg crate toppers available in the market if you really love its light airy feel.

Now comes the natural latex mattress toppers - 100% safe, healthy, and non-toxic. But are they good at motion transfer? YES. What about comfort, support, and pain relief? A BIG YES! Latex mattress toppers are also hypoallergenic and the best eco-friendly toppers out there.

So, if you want the healthiest and hypoallergenic mattress topper, which is also good at motion transfer, pain relief, support, and heat retention, we recommend you choose latex mattress toppers. Here's a ten on ten for latex mattress toppers from our side ;)

Does the size of the mattress matter when buying a topper for your furry friend?

If you are planning to share a bed with your pet, the size of your mattress does matter. A full, king or queen-size mattress is probably the best choice. This gives plenty of room for both you and your pet to spread out too! So, when you are buying a mattress topper, take into consideration the size of your mattress.

Is it good to invest in a mattress protector if you are sharing a bed with your pet?

When it comes to being water-resistant, the majority of toppers aren't really going to be able to withstand moisture the way you'd want them to. So, regardless of the type of mattress topper you choose, make sure you purchase a high-quality waterproof mattress protector if you are sharing your bed with your furry friend.

All you have to do is, place it snugly over your topper. And if messes and accidents like bed-wetting do happen, both your topper and mattress will remain well and dry. Also, a mattress protector helps safeguard your investment from dust, dirt, and pet dander.

A girl spending time with her pets on a latex bed

Do pets like sleeping with their owners?

Every pet has its own personality, but dogs and cats generally love snoozing off with their owners. They love the feeling of warmth because it reminds them of being next to their littermates. And also, since you are their companion and most favorite person, they'll sure love snuggling up to you.

However, if your furry friend doesn't like sleeping in bed with you, it's not because they don't love or appreciate what time spent together. It could be that the surface is too soft and lacks cushioning for their needs.

Should pets be allowed on your bed?

As long as your pet is healthy and loves sharing the bed with you, there's no reason not to allow them. Just be sure you provide them safe access to bed – maybe something like a ramp or pet stairs might do well.

A mother and daughter cuddling their pet dog sitting on a latex bed

However, sharing a bed with a pet is not for everyone. Research shows that in some instances sleeping with pets can hinder your ability to sleep well at night.

Here is when you should let your furball of joy sleep alone on his or her bed:

  • If you or your pet have an allergy
  • If your pet isn't house trained
  • If you or your pet has health issues
  • If you are a light sleeper

What are the benefits of sharing a bed with your pet?

Is sharing your bed with a dog or cat actually good? Well, your pet's warmth, steady heartbeat, and safeguarding nature can make dozing off with them feel safe and comfy. Just like lying next to your closest human companion strengthens the emotional bond, you feel closer and closer to your pet.

A study shows how animal-assisted activities helped reduce stress and depressive-related symptoms. They found that individuals involved in activities with pets, especially dogs, reported fewer depressive symptoms.

If just interacting with them can cure depression, imagine how simply lying next to one can help! Thanks to the oxytocin released, they are indeed a living antidepressant if you don't know yet!

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Suffering from anxiety-induced insomnia? A furball in the bed can help! Studies show that sharing a bed with your pet can help combat insomnia by reducing anxiety. This also helps in modifying hyperarousal as well as hypervigilance. Well, that's unbelievable, right?

A man holding the paws of his pet dog

So, if you're going to let your furry friend sleep with you in bed, be prepared for a lot of cuddles and nap time together. Just make sure you have the right mattress topper to keep both of you comfortable and get the sleep you need. And as always, feel free to leave any questions or comments below – we love hearing from our readers!

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Have you ever tried using a mattress topper with your pet? Let us know in the comments!

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