Top Reasons To Upgrade To a King Size Mattress

Last Updated October 12, 2023

Are you still sleeping on a regular mattress? If so, you're missing out on a lot of benefits that come with upgrading to a king mattress. While full and queen-sized beds have their own unique benefits, upgrading to a king mattress is often the best choice for many people.

top reasons to upgrade to a king mattress

If you're on the fence about whether or not a king-sized bed is worth the investment, these benefits might just tip the scales. From more space to better sleep, read on to find out the top reasons to upgrade to a king mattress.

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Dimensions of a king-size mattress

Sleeping on a king mattress means sleeping in luxury. They are 76" in width and 80" in length.

King-sized mattresses are the widest available standard size, making them a perfect choice for couples who co-sleep with their children.

And the best part is that the king-size bed comes with a split option. Confused? We'll make it clear!

King-sized mattresses are really two Twin XL mattresses placed side-by-side. This option is truly great for couples with different mattress preferences. That is, in one bed, you can have two different mattresses based on your individual sleep needs. This style is also pretty good for adjustable beds that come with split-side functionality.

Why should you get a king-size bed?

A King size mattress may only be 16" wider than the queen bed. But those few extra inches sure make a world of difference when it comes to getting a night of quality sleep.

Many people, especially couples who sleep with their little ones or pets, often complain of insufficient space to move around. Investing in a king size mattress will help you solve these kinds of problems and help you enjoy a good night's sleep.

A woman spending time with her pet dog on a king mattress

Below are the top reasons you should upgrade to a king-size mattress.

Top reasons to upgrade to a king mattress

Gives you more bed space

Do you constantly feel you are going to fall off from the bed? Or perhaps, is your feet hanging off the bottom of your mattress. This issue is common among teenagers who are still sleeping in their twin or full-size mattresses. Within just a few years, they can completely outgrow their bed. The truth is that if you do not fit in your bed comfortably, you will experience sleepless nights.

According to research, an average sleeper moves around 40 to 50 times throughout the night. This means even if you fit comfortably in your bed, it's good to ensure you have enough room to shift positions. If you find it difficult to comfortably shift positions in between sleep, then upgrading to a king-size mattress may be a better option for you.

Best for restless sleepers

People with health conditions such as back pain, joint pain, and arthritis usually find it difficult to sleep while maintaining a steady posture. The troublesome pain can act up if the joints remain stationary for an extended period. That is why most people with these pains tend to be quite restless sleepers.

The overall size of a king-size mattress can offer a lot of space for sleepers to move around. And the extra space will also allow the partner of a restless sleeper to have more comfortable space for themselves without getting disturbed.

Increased comfort

From insomnia to constant back pains and nighttime disruptions from kids wanting to sleep with the elders, most people out there fail to get a good night's sleep.

Poor sleep often leads to a less productive day, affecting personal and work life. Put simply, better sleep results in better productivity, which in turn can lead to beautiful things – and what is the perfect solution to a better night's rest? A bigger bed.

Investing in a king mattress, especially the one made with organic materials like latex, will help you find nocturnal bliss. A king-size mattress can alleviate most of the reasons that cause sleepless nights and offer you the comfort you need to catch some zzz's quickly.

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Excellent family bed

We all need enough space to lay down and enough space to move and reposition comfortably. Depending on the number of individuals or pets you are sleeping with, the space you're going to want will multiply. Even the smallest of children can take up a surprising amount of space.

Happy family enjoying the morning in king size bed

King size mattresses are the perfect option for families sharing their bed with a partner, kid, or pet.

It is always worth upgrading to a king-size bed as it will significantly increase the sleep quality for everyone involved.

Long term investment

When you upgrade to a king mattress, you also increase the area you are using while you sleep. This means you are no longer limited to wearing out one small area of your mattress. Due to this, your bed will end up lasting longer.

When sleeping on a smaller bed, you concentrate your body weight on a smaller area. This may cause wearing and tearing much faster than you would have in a larger-sized bed.

Is a king-size mattress better than a queen-size mattress?

Both king and queen mattresses are wonderful options for families and couples. As we said above, a king mattress is 76" wide and 80" tall. And queen-sized mattresses are 60" wide and 80" tall.

King sized bed in a hotel room

The length of the two mattress sizes is the same, providing enough space for legs. However, tall individuals over 6 feet and 4 inches may prefer the longer California king option.

If you want to choose between a king and queen size bed, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Bedroom size

Depending on your room size, you can decide whether a king or a queen mattress is best for you. Queen size mattresses are suitable for bedrooms of at least 10 x 10 feet. On the other hand, king mattresses fit most comfortably in bedrooms of at least 12 x 12 feet.

Always measure your room before purchasing a new mattress to know how well each size may fit into the space. It is always best to leave at least 24 inches of space between your bed and each surrounding wall. This is because king-size beds can make smaller rooms congested.

Sleeping partner

Those sharing a mattress with a partner, kids, or pets might want to choose a king-size to ensure adequate sleeping space. That way, it doesn't make you feel cramped and uncomfortable.

Alternatively, if you love cuddling up next to your bed partner, kid, or pet at night, you can go for a queen mattress.

Bodyweight, size, and sleeping position

The height, weight, and sleeping position of both you and your partner, are also important in selecting a queen and king mattress.

Couples who weigh more should go for a king-sized bed. Very tall individuals should opt for a California king-size mattress, which has more legroom when compared to a king or queen. And when it comes to sleeping position, back and stomach sleepers prefer a bit more space around them when compared to side sleepers. So, if they buy a king mattress that offers more room, they'll be able to enjoy quality sleep.


King mattresses are usually costlier than a queen of the same brand and model. Also, foundations, bed frames, and other bedding products will be more expensive for a king-size mattress.

If you're okay with investing in your sleep and want to enjoy a better night's sleep, it's best to upgrade to a king mattress. A queen bed will likely be your best option if you're on a tight budget.


  Dimensions   60″ x 80″   76″ x 80″
  Price   Cheaper   Expensive
  Best for   Adults/couples with small bedrooms   Adults/couples who prefer more space
  Recommended room size   Smaller primary bedrooms   Larger primary bedrooms
  Surface area   4,800 in² / 30,967.68 cm²   6,080 in² / 39,225.73 cm²


A good night's sleep is crucial for your health and wellbeing, so don't skimp on quality when it comes to your bed. If a bigger bed means better sleep for you, then we say go for it!

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A king mattress is a perfect way to spoil yourself and ensure that you're getting the most out of your bedroom sanctuary. Sure, the price tag may be a little daunting at first, but when you consider all the benefits of a good night's sleep – not to mention the improved quality of life that comes with it – upgrading to king becomes a no-brainer.

We hope you found this post on reasons to upgrade to a king mattress informative and helpful in making your decision. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments. We're always happy to help!

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