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            Looking to protect your queen bed? Queen mattress protector covers are the way to go! They're able to rescue your entire mattress from the inevitable accidental liquid spills and stains. They can also impart your bed's surface with a much more comfy texture for a better night's sleep!

            When it comes to the best queen mattress protectors, look no further than Turmerry! Our protectors bear the finest eco-friendly make and materials, offering the ultimate protection to keep your mattress clean. We also offer same-day fast and free shipping for all our USA customers!

            Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector


            Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad


            Excellent Quality Queen Mattress Protector Covers

            Certified, Eco-friendly, and Safe!

            To make sure you get a healthy night's sleep, we use sustainable, eco-friendly materials, such as GOTS-certified organic cotton, in our waterproof mattress protectors. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification ensures that our mattress protector is made from safe, organic materials, free from harmful levels of chemicals often found in conventional bedding.

            GOTS certification

            Beneficial in More Than One Way!

            Besides being certified and safe, our protectors provide many more benefits. Here are all the ways in which you can enjoy truly comfortable sleep with us and our bedding -

            Softly Cushioning

            Softly Cushioning unlike previous mattress protector

            As it keeps your mattress dry, the unbleached, GOTS-certified organic cotton that makes up the core of our mattress protector imbues your bed's surface with a wonderfully soft texture.

            Snug Fit

            Snug Fit like a fitted sheet on new mattress and pillows

            Turmerry organic mattress protectors are like a fitted sheet for simple setup and removal, boasting 15-inch deep pockets with elastic running all around. The sides, crafted from organic cotton canvas, are designed to minimize slipping.

            Waterproof Barrier

            Best waterproof mattress protectors

            Our waterproof mattress covers feature a top layer made from soft organic cotton jersey fabric, seamlessly laminated with non-hazardous, phthalate-free polyurethane on the back. Meeting certification requirements, this construction creates an impermeable waterproof layer.

            Refreshingly Breathable

            Refreshingly Breathable waterproof pads for hot sleeper

            Our protectors are brilliantly breathable. We've struck the perfect balance by allowing a controlled amount of water vapor, akin to the natural humidity in the air, to pass through.


            Noise Free quiet no worries

            No more crinkling sounds or disruptive rustling as you move in bed—our protector ensures silent nights that let you sink into restful sleep undisturbed.

            Free Shipping

            Checkout Free Shipping from seller on website

            From the East Coast to the West Coast and beyond, we offer free shipping for all of our continental US customers!

            Environmentally Benefitting

            Environmentally Benefitting

            With materials like GOTS-certified organic cotton, we make sure our waterproof mattress protectors are not just beneficial for you but also for the environment. We do not use any vinyl/PVC, perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), sweaty rubber, toxic flame retardants, or pesticide treatments/sprays.

            Easy Cleaning

            Good housekeeping machine wash beds

            For minor spills, a simple spot clean with a mild anti-bacterial soap does the trick. If a thorough cleaning is needed, toss it in the washing machine with a bio-degradable laundry detergent. Forget about the hassle of dry-cleaning – opt to tumble dry or air dry.

            Allergy Friendly

            Allergy Friendly protector from other allergens, dust mites, moisture

            Our queen mattress protector is a barrier against allergens, pet dander, and dust mites. It is designed to create an inhospitable environment for these potential irritants. It's not just for adults; it's also an ideal solution for giving your children a smooth, protected, allergen-free sleep environment!

            Top of the Line: Turmerry Waterproof Mattress Protectors

            At Turmerry, we offer two different waterproof mattress protector types, each with its own unique materials and features. See which one you'll love more!

            • Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

            Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector

            The Organic Waterproof Mattress Protector is crafted from soft organic cotton jersey fabric and features a laminated backside with non-hazardous, phthalate-free polyurethane. A successful water-spill experiment on it showed no absorption even after 24 hours! It offers year-round comfort, is breathable, and prevents sweaty nights.

            • Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad

            Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad

            At 0.25" thickness, the Wool Waterproof Mattress Protector Pad is crafted with OEKO-TEX certified cotton percale fabric, non-hazardous, phthalates-free polyurethane, and Shropshire sheep wool filling. It is a fully waterproof material. Furthermore, wool's natural thermo-regulating, moisture wicking properties make it breathable for year-round comfort.

            Top of the Line: Turmerry Mattress Topper Covers

            To make your mattress more secure, a mattress topper is a must. And to complete the protection circle, mattress topper covers can work wonders!

            • Zippered Mattress Topper Cover

            Zippered Mattress Topper Cover

            Crafted with a 140 GSM organic cotton cover and featuring a practical zipper, the Zippered Mattress Topper Cover seamlessly works with most toppers from various brands. Not only does it offer protection from outside impurities, but it can also impart a soft texture to your topper's surface.

            • Deluxe Zippered Mattress Topper Cover

            Deluxe Zippered Mattress Topper Cover

            The Deluxe Zippered Mattress Topper Cover is proudly made in the USA by Turmerry. Crafted with organic cotton fabric, it provides an additional layer of softness while acting as a protective barrier against general wear and tear. The stretch knit ticking fabric and 4 oz. muslin non-slip backing ensure a secure fit for toppers of 2" and 3".

            Top of the Line: Turmerry Mattress Pads

            Want a little something more to complement your waterproof mattress protector? Then you must take a look at our Reversible Fleece and Cotton/Wool Quilted Mattress Pad!

            • Reversible Fleece And Cotton/Wool Quilted Mattress Pad

            Reversible Fleece And Cotton/Wool Quilted Mattress Pad

            With a luxurious 1" thickness, the Reversible Fleece and Cotton/Wool Quilted Mattress Pad has two layers/sides. One side is adorned with plush fleece, and the other side showcases a delightful cotton/wool quilted pattern. The natural fine washable wool fleece on one side offers warmth in winter, while the 270 TC natural cotton percale on the other side keeps you cool in summer.

            Queen Mattress Protector FAQs

            1. Do mattress protectors really work?

            Yes, mattress protectors do work, and their effectiveness often depends on the quality of the protector. Turmerry's premium organic waterproof mattress protector covers, crafted from high-quality materials, provide one of the best solutions for maintaining a mattress in optimal condition.

            How a mattress protector works
            1. Is it worth getting a mattress protector?

            Absolutely. Investing in a waterproof mattress protector is worth it to safeguard your mattress from spills, stains, and potential damage.

            Mattress protector purchased price investment
            1. How do I protect my mattress from pee?

            To protect your mattress from pee and other liquid accidents, a waterproof mattress protector is essential. Unlike other protectors, a waterproof protector is designed to create a barrier against liquids, preventing them from reaching your mattress. Also, here's How to Get Pee Out of a Mattress.

            Putting a mattress cover on top of bed
            1. Are mattress protectors fully waterproof?

            A good-quality mattress protector is designed to be completely waterproof, standing guard against all liquids and spills.

            Add Excellent quality waterproof sheets on top of bed
            1. Are mattress protectors machine-washable?

            Yes, many mattress protectors are machine-washable. It's essential to check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer, as washing recommendations may vary.

            Machine washing washed
            1. Can a mattress protector be used with other bedding items like mattress toppers?

            Yes, a mattress protector can be used in conjunction with other bedding items, including mattress toppers. In fact, using a protector with a mattress topper is a great way to safeguard both the topper and the mattress beneath.

            mattress protector being used with topper
            1. How do I know if a mattress protector fits my mattress size?

            To ensure a proper fit, check the dimensions of your mattress and compare them with the sizing information provided by the mattress protector. Most protectors come in standard sizes like Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

            check the dimensions of your mattress
            1. How deep should a mattress protector be?

            Choose a mattress protector with a depth that exceeds the thickness of your mattress by a few inches. Standard mattress protectors usually accommodate mattresses with depths ranging from 9 to 18 inches.

            smooth mattress cover security that perfectly fits
            1. Should you put a mattress protector on your bed?

            It's generally a good idea to put a mattress protector on your bed, as it's an affordable bedding accessory that can ward off a lot of the impurities in the environment.

            Cost friendly body protector on California king bed
            1. Can mattress protectors protect against allergens?

            Mattress protectors can play a crucial role in safeguarding against allergens. A high-quality mattress protector acts as a barrier, preventing common allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen from settling into the mattress.

            mattress protector against allergens in canada

            Look for mattress protectors with hypoallergenic properties and tightly woven fabrics to enhance their effectiveness in protecting against allergens. Regular washing of the protector in accordance with care instructions can further contribute to allergen control.

            Regular washing advice for improved life span
            1. How often should I replace my mattress protector?

            The lifespan of a mattress protector depends on factors such as its quality, usage, and care. On average, it is recommended to replace a mattress protector every 5 to 7 years.

            Removing mattress cover
            1. Which is the best mattress protector to buy?

            If you don't need any extra padding, an organic cotton waterproof mattress protector can be a great fit. Its waterproof and organic design protects your mattress from spills, sweat, damage, and wear and tear without making it hotter or less comfortable.

            regular organic cotton cover

            When selecting a mattress protector, it's essential to consider certifications such as OEKO-TEX Standard or GOTS for ensuring high-quality standards.

            OEKO-TEX Standard or GOTS
            1. Do mattress protectors come with a warranty?

            Most high-quality mattress protectors come with a warranty to guarantee their durability and performance. At Turmerry, we offer a 1-year warranty for our premium mattress protector covers.

            Turmerry business warranty covered purchasing
            1. Do mattress protectors work for other mattress sizes?

            You can find Crib mattress protectors for crib beds, Twin mattress protectors for twin beds, Twin XL mattress protectors for twin XL beds, Full-size mattress protectors for full beds, King mattress protectors for king beds, and Cal King mattress protectors for California king beds.

            mattress sizes
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