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Veterans Day Mattress Sale Deals 2023

Veterans Day and Veterans Day Mattress Sale has arrived. We celebrate and thank those who brave the frontlines to keep us safe! With our Veterans Day Sale, you can avail yourself heavy discount of mattress and all the bedding products! You get Same Day Fast and Free Shipping ! Shop Now. Use Coupon Code: VET10 for 10% Discount in addition to the 20% Sitewide Reduction and Free Shipping.

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Egg Crate Mattress


Natural and Organic Latex Mattress


Veterans Day Mattress Sale

An outstanding night of sleep at the end of a stressful weekday, that is what we all yearn for. But how you go about getting this luxury, well, that takes a totally different kind of energy from your end.

Tossing and turning all over the bed in an attempt to find a comfortable position, having to turn on a fan or A/C to keep yourself cool, or waking up sporadically throughout the night for an unidentified reason that the universe just won’t reveal. Most of us have gone through all of these, and some of us are still going through them every day.

Before you know it, the rooster is already crowing, the dreadful alarm on your nightstand is going off, and you feel yourself being unwillingly pushed out of your bed by your own body. It's time to break yourself out of this destructive cycle, and the mattress in your bedroom would be a good place to start.

Qualities of Turmerry Mattress

Safe - Our natural and organic Latex Mattress is ideal for those in search of a healthier option to memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid mattresses. No harmful synthetic additives are added. Additionally, our mattresses are Hypoallergenic, Anti-microbial, and suitable for allergy sufferers/chemical-sensitive individuals.

Eco-Friendly - We only use naturally sourced materials such as organic cotton, natural New Zealand wool, and GOLS-certified organic latex. What we use in our products is certified by GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA.

Contouring - Any and all pains or aches that you have been experiencing can be mitigated by the high response, contour, comfort, and coziness that our mattress provides. The Dunlop latex used in the mattress adds to this, making the mattress firm in its support.

Cooling - Tired of sleeping hot every night? With the natural cooling that our Latex foam can give you, you needn't ever worry about sleeping hot or having to bring in a third-party cooling. Moreover, during the cold seasons, the wool layer can regulate temperature to keep you warm.

Durable - Thanks to the natural materials we use, our mattress can last up to 20+ years! We also offer 20 years of mattress warranty, with the fine print ensuring that we keep our word on its longevity.

Veterans Day Mattress Topper Sale

Has your mattress been underperforming recently? Have you been contemplating purchasing a new mattress for some time now? Hold that thought! Take a look at our Mattress Toppers before you do that.

Qualities of Turmerry Mattress Toppers

Cheaper - A cheaper alternative to your current mattress (especially with today's sale), Turmerry's latex mattress toppers are a much more affordable and sensible choice than going for a brand new bed.

Better performance - What your mattress can't give you anymore, a topper will gladly oblige to. The latex mattress topper grants you extra durability and additional comfort, conforming to your bodily needs.

Eco-Friendly - Made with organic latex, you needn't worry about the addition of any potentially harmful synthetic materials. Our toppers are completely safe and biodegradable.

Cooling - The latex foam will keep you cool throughout the night. If your current mattress has been failing on this front, then our latex mattress topper can reinvigorate your sleep with it.

Two variants - Latex Mattress Topper and Latex Egg Crate Mattress Topper.

Veterans Day Pillow Sale

A pillow is the one thing standing between waking up refreshed or riddled with neck pain. A good quality pillow is always recommended for anyone suffering from aches in the mornings, especially in the upper body region.

So, when we come in with our great quality pillows, there's no denying that you'll need them to complete your luxury sleep routine!

Qualities of Turmerry Pillows

Proper alignment - The neck, head, and spinal alignment are the important factors accounting for a good night's rest. Our pillows do exactly this. You can also customize things such as size, loft, and firmness to further tailor them to your needs.

Adapts to any position - Turmerry pillows cradle your head no matter how you decide to sleep. Be it for side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers; our pillows cater to each of them with precision and perfection.

Eco-Friendly - The materials we use in our pillows vary with each type. The latex pillows are usually made of cotton cover and latex foam, while the buckwheat pillow is made of cotton cover and buckwheat hulls. 

All of the ingredients are certified for safety and are entirely harmless to our customers and the environment.

Cooling - Sleeping hot often affects your head the most. It is irritating when you have to wake up sweaty in the night, only to be unable to go back to sleep again due to the heat. All of our pillows (including the buckwheat and wool) are highly cooling in nature. Embrace a night of sweat-free sleep at no additional cost!

Variants include - Latex Foam Pillow, Shredded Latex Pillow, Latex Contour Pillow, Latex Body Pillow, Buckwheat Pillow, and much more!

Veterans Day Bedding Sale

We offer tons of other organic bedding accessories and bring them to the doorsteps of your very own home at affordable rates. To mention a few - we offer mattress protector covers, protector pads, organic pillow and topper covers, comforters, cushions, bed sheets, blankets and throws.

We have attained certifications from several environmental enthusiasts such as - GOLS, GOTS, Oeko-Tex, eco-INSTITUT, and LGA. Unlike memory foam or hybrid mattress products, ours is fully organic and safe.

Turmerry has partnered with two ecosystem-restoring, non-profit organizations - American Forests and Trees For The Future. Together with the 'one order, one tree' initiative, where a tree is planted for each purchase you make, we have planted more than 24,000 trees all across the United States and Africa! Help us restore nature to its green glory!

Veterans Day

What is Veterans Day?

Veterans Day, formerly known as Armistice Day, is a federal holiday observed each year on November 11 in the United States.

The day came about to honor military veterans of the US Armed Forces and coincides with other similar holidays, including Armistice Day and Remembrance Day (worldwide commemorations of the end of World War I).

what is veterans day

The History of Veterans Day

Armistice Day

When the Armistice with Germany went into effect at the 11th hour, 11th day, and 11th month of 1918, major hostilities in World War I were officially put to an end.

In 1921, Arlington National Cemetery would see the burial of an unknown WWI US soldier. This location quickly rose to prominence as a place of homage for American veterans. 

Such burials of unknown soldiers took place all across the world, where a location of high honor would be chosen to respectfully rest their bodies (in England, it was the Westminster Abbey; in France, it was the Arc de Triomphe).

All of these commemorative acts occurred on November 11, honoring the widely recognized conclusion of World War I combat at 11 a.m. on November 11, 1918 (the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month).

So, on June 4, 1926, a resolution was unanimously passed by the US Congress requesting that President Calvin Coolidge issue yearly proclamations encouraging the celebration of November 11.

Twelve years later, on May 13, 1938, a Congressional Act was approved to make November 11 a legal holiday each year. It was "a day to be dedicated to the cause of world peace and to be thereafter celebrated and known as 'Armistice Day'." This ideal view of the day wouldn’t hold for long, though, as the deadly World War II was looming on the horizon. 

A few years after the holiday was initiated, 16 and a half million US soldiers were back on the battlefield in Europe, fighting the forces of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan). Thereafter, 405,399 American soldiers would die in service, while 671,278 would be left injured. A total of 116,129 American prisoners of war—out of an estimated 130,201—returned home.

veterans day history

Veterans Day

In order to honor all veterans, World War II veteran Raymond Weeks created "National Veterans Day," which featured a parade and other celebrations. Weeks led a delegation to General Dwight Eisenhower, who endorsed the concept of National Veterans Day. The first Veterans Day celebration took place in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1947.

Later, a bill to rename Armistice Day to Veterans Day was put forth by Kansas U.S. Representative Edward Rees. The legislation designating November 11 as Veterans Day was passed by Congress in 1954 and subsequently signed by President Eisenhower.

A law passed in 1968 saw Veterans Day changed to the 4th Monday of every October. However, it failed to catch on due to the historical significance of November 11th. In 1978, the celebration was shifted back to its original date by Congress.

Up until his passing in 1985, Raymond Weeks continued hosting the celebration annually. In 1982, Weeks was recognized at the White House with the Presidential Citizenship Medal by President Reagan for inspiring Veterans Day. Weeks was designated the "Father of Veterans Day" by Elizabeth Dole, who created the briefing for President Reagan.


Distinction from other similar days

Memorial Day

difference between memorial day and veterans day

While Veterans Day honors the contributions of all American veterans, Memorial Day is dedicated to remembering fallen service members. While Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of every May, Veterans Day is observed on November 11 every year.


Armed Forces Day

difference between veterans day and armed force day

Armed Forces Day celebrates the soldiers who are currently serving in the U.S Military. Veterans Day celebrates every veteran who has served the country.

Unlike Veterans Day, Armed Forces Day is not decreed as a federal holiday. Every year, the 3rd Saturday of May is designated as Armed Forces Day, and November 11 is designated as Veterans Day.


Women Veterans Day

difference between veterans day and women veteran day

Women Veterans Day can be easily confused as a separate day for recognizing veteran women. This isn't the case, though, as Women Veterans Day, celebrated on June 12, primarily commemorates the Women's Armed Services Integration Act (the law that enabled women to serve as members of the armed forces).

Though Women Veterans Day also honors the contributions of all veteran women, it is Veterans Day, observed on November 11, which is the more recognized celebration honoring veterans (both men and women).

How is it observed in the US?

The ceremonies at Arlington are organized by the Veterans Day National Committee of the President.

On 11th November, at 11 a.m., the memorial amphitheater, built around The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, witnesses the execution of “Present Arms style="background-color: var(--purple-10)">” by a combined color guard (representing all the military).

A presidential wreath is laid as a representation of the nation's remembrance of its fallen troops. The bugler sounds the "taps." After that, the amphitheater serves as the venue for the rest of the ceremony.

Due to Veterans Day being a federal holiday, many students and some American employees are off from class or work on this day. Local ceremonies are arranged by the Veterans Day chairpersons (appointed by the Governors). If Veterans Day comes about on a Saturday, then it may be observed on either Saturday or the Friday before. However, if it falls on a Sunday, it is typically observed on the Monday after.


Around the world


United Kingdom

"In Flanders Field", a poem written by the Canadian poet and soldier John McCrae, symbolized poppies to be worn as an insignia of remembrance. Later on, this would become the symbol of Remembrance Day, which is also celebrated on the same date as Veterans Day (November 11).

To honor the fighters who lost their lives in war, Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations wear poppies for about a month prior to November 11. Besides this, Britain and the Commonwealth take two minutes of silence at 11 a.m. every Remembrance day, recognizing the armistice that signaled the end of WWI.

Veterans day UK



The final Saturday in June is Veteranendag, a day dedicated to honoring all veterans of the nation's armed forces. A parade in The Hague, a ceremony in front of the Dutch King in the Hall of Knights, and a gathering of veterans and civilians on the Malieveld are a few of the celebrations.

veterans day netherlands



On November 4, which marks the start of the ceasefire that followed the Armistice of Villa Giusti in 1918, Italians remember the soldiers who gave their lives protecting their country. Giorno dell'Unità Nazionale Giornata delle Forze Armate, or simply "Day of National Unity Day of the Armed Forces," is how the day is known in Italian.

veterans day in Italy



The Volkstrauertag, a secular public holiday that has been observed in Germany since 1952, is the day of national mourning. It takes place on the Sunday that is closest to November 16th. The German president makes a speech in front of the assembled government, after which the German national anthem and “Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden” (“I had a comrade”) are played. Germany doesn't commemorate the Armistice anniversary itself.

veterans day Germany



What holiday is best to buy a mattress?

Presidents Day has frequently been the season with the highest number of bed sales. You can anticipate lower rates on the day. This is mostly because, in the spring, several new mattress models are introduced, leading to older models being offered at discounted rates.

Is Memorial Day and Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress?

Besides Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Black Friday are also great time for a mattress purchase. You can avail some wonderful offers and discounts on previously out-of-budget mattresses. Free gifts, double points, and other similar perks may also become a staple during Memorial Day and Black Friday Mattress Deals time.

Is Cyber Monday a good time to buy a mattress?

Cyber Monday encourages online shopping and is a great time to buy a mattress online. With a discount code or a coupon code, you can get an additional 5% to 10% off on Cyber Monday Mattress Deals. Though there may be credit approval required, free shipping and White Glove Delivery are some extra perks of online shopping.

Why do mattress stores have Presidents Day sales?

Mattress companies, be it online (Nest Bedding, Turmerry) or offline (Serta Simmons Bedding, Casper), have Presidents Day sales to remain competitive in the market. Moreover, Home furnishings often sell well during Presidents Day.